Discussion: Cops Use Pepper Spray, Tear Gas To Disperse Crowd After National Title Game

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officers used pepper spray to clear revelers from the street

And wielded truncheons bearing the words, “Welcome to Columbus!”

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Why are these violent middle-class white people out on the steets at night and not under curfew? Why can’t these violent middle-class white people just obey law enforcement instantly and without question? Why are these violent middle-class white people destroying their own property and neighborhoods? And where is the condemnation of these violent middle-class white people by other middle-class white people who claim to be law-abiding and “play by the rules”?


Spring Break in January now?

Sports morons begging the stormtroopers to tee off on 'em.

Well, those are funny looking black people.


What did they do, bring in cops from Oregon?..

Obviously you need a police “presence”, but this is more than “presence”. I understand that some people were starting fires in trash cans. Not cool, but I see no fires in these videos, so these people had nothing to do with that. Obviously they were blocking the street, but at that hour you just need to let it go and just make sure no one does stupid shit.

Winning a National Championship is a great recruiting tool. Having local police act like this is not. Real dumb.