Discussion: Conservatives Blast Baltimore Mayor For Giving Protest Hijackers 'Space To Destroy'

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The right wing in this country demonstrates again and again that they don’t value honesty or integrity. It’s wrong to take what someone says and misinterpret it on purpose, even if you dislike that person or their politics. In this case, it’s glaringly obvious that the mayor did not say she was condoning or allowing destruction of property, yet the wingnut wurlitzer plays on as if she did, because it validates the base’s bigotry and hatred.


I dont know why anyone cares about what right wing media says about this. They are not talking to America so much as they are talking to their racist viewers.

I listened to the mayor’s statement last night and the prior one as well. She did not speak well on this particular topic. Of course I know she did not give protesters space to destroy - but her phrasing of the concept was poor. She kept talking about a “delicate balance” which seemed a particularly inartful phrase given that people were looting and throwing rocks in the split screen. I heard several other people speak who were excellent. I wish they did not refer to people as thugs - just call them individuals, people.


Absolutely. It is so moronically obvious that the shouldn’t-have-been-necessary clarification –

The mayor’s director of strategic planning and policy, Howard Litbit, eventually released a statement explaining that Rawlings-Blake was saying that giving peaceful protesters the space to exercise their First Amendment rights “unfortunately” meant that violent individuals also had space in which to operate.

– is what she was saying, both from the full context of her remarks and because fercrissake-no-mayor-would-want-what-they-claim-she-wanted, that there’s no explanation but willfull distortion for this latest fauxtrage. For a change. But the “MSM” still elevates it as a point worthy of serious discussion as if it weren’t the disgustingly dishonest, racism-fueled bullshit it so clearly is. How do we get them to stop being the hypo that injects the right’s poison into the national bloodstream?

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Fuck the Reich-Wing Racists who are slavering with joy at the (endlessly looping on FOX News) pictures of a few morons “shitting in their nest”.
They don’t care one whit about these Ni(CLANG!) as they like to call them.
Ignorance breeds Violence. Violence begets Ignorance.


As long as the story is a few words by the “lib” mayor or the “lib” President, and not about the actual problems of actual people living in Baltimore, right Rush? Freddie who?

Exactly, in no way do I see her as advocating violence. But in the English language, she certainly came off like that. A Mayor needs to have better speaking skills than that.

Actually even Obama referred to the rioters as thugs and criminals, and that is what they are. I saw a mother dragging her thug kid home kicking him in the ass as she got him away from the scene (it was hysterical). He had been throwing stuff and trashing property. I bet she called her own kid a thug, and good for her. We needed more of that, adults telling these thug kids to just try to act civil.

And since I need to do pre-emptive posts due to a lot of kids on here that can’t comprehend words (no, not you), yes, I also think police who brutalize people are thugs, as are a lot of mobsters who are white. But if a black kid riots, he’s a thug too. If he listens to rap music and wears a hoodie, that in no way makes him a thug.


“We also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well.”

–Baltimore Mayor

“I never said nor would I ever say that we are giving people space to destroy our city, so my words should not be twisted,”

–Baltimore Mayor

Those are your words, maam. No one is “twisting” them. You may have not meant it that way, but you literally said that. I mean, come on. An appropriate response is to say you “misspoke” not to deny making the comments and blaming others for “twisting” them.


Unfortunately, “their racist viewers” make up a sizable part of the American public, and they aim to recruit more from such misleading distortions. We all suffer in varying degrees from their success.


Keep calling them out swiftly and very publicly for their enabling distortions. Perhaps some MSM sources are not yet completely beyond the journalistic pale and will discipline themselves in the future.

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"A hyperbolic Howard Kurtz "

redundant…he’s one of the worst example of modern “journalism” breathing

Yup, and social media makes that easier than ever. There are just so many of us who think they can ignore them because hey, they never watch them, not recognizing that millions do watch and are influenced by their “reporting.” We’ve got to become as relentless in pushing back on their awful coverage as the right have been for decades in browbeating them into being this way.

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A corollary to the stopped clock rule—sometimes a racist makes a good point.

I was watching the destruction and rioting on TV at 4 PM. At that time looters were operating unimpeded at the Mondawmin Mall. The CVS on North Avenue was consumed by flames by 4:45. Yet the mayor didn’t ask the Governor to call in the Guard until 6:30 PM! And the announced curfew is not even yet in effect as I write this comment.

If the mayor didn’t literally mean that the looters should be given “space to destroy,” it sure seems like that was her actual intent.

It can be simultaneously true that black people rioting makes white conservatives feel free to let their inner racist run loose, and that the mayor said something dumb. This remark together with her “thug” remark makes me question her intelligence, or at least her fitness for her job.

The dust-up over the Mayor of Baltimore’s remarks ranks as the single best demonstration of my firmly held belief that our public schools no longer teach reading for comprehension. Reading for comprehension includes understanding the context used in and utterance of any form of expression in any language.

“I’ve made it very clear that I work with the police and instructed
them to do everything that they could (emp. mine) to make sure the protesters could
exercise their right to free speech,” she said.

“It’s a very delicate balancing act because while we tried (emp. mine) to make
sure that [the police] were (emp. mine) protected from the cars and other things
that were going on, we also gave (emp. mine) those who wished to destroy space to do that as well,” she added. “We worked (emp. mine) very hard to keep that balance and to put ourselves in the best position to de-escalate"

The reason that I put highlighted those particular words is that they are singularly in THE PAST TENSE!!! That clearly, to anyone who knows and understands the English language, doesn’t contain a shred of permission for violence in those words. If anyone wishes a dispute with meconcerning the use of past tense as giving any sort of permission for acting OR future actions in a certain manner, I am happy for an open and spirited debate on the subject.

A minute later, the mayor praised peaceful protesters who tried to “calm the crowd and >**tried to make sure that nothing was destroyed.” Brandon Scott, a Baltimore city councilman, >soon stepped in to say that local organizers believe people from outside the city incited the turmoil."

Again the Mayor used the past tense in her description of praising the behavior of certain elements in the demonstrations. Only someone who repeatedly demonstrated in their writing unquestionably racist thought. The proof is in the fact that both of the people they criticize unfairly are people of color, the Mayor and the President. Documentation of this fact exist in a plethora of right-wing press writings. If those allegations of criticisms of the President and the Mayor beg for explanation, simply compare the moronic behavior of George W Bush and the right-wing press’ treatment in their writings of that behavior. That these people have a racist persons thought process, cannot have dispute by any reasonably intelligent person.

Right wing pundits lack legitimacy, period. Ignore them and serve the city.

Tea partiers were then heard angrily chanting “Destroy this country that’s OUR job!”

I think we should be clear here. At best, her language was confusing, and her policy wholly inadequate. This idea that protesters should be given space in which violence can be easily promoted is totally wrong. Any person who believes that you can effectively deal with teenagers through nuance and sweet reason has never raised teenagers-- let alone remembers having been one himself! And this liberal governing culture which insists on excuses for violence is why so many Americans distrust liberal politicians. And we should also be clear that if liberal politicians can’t provide safety and peace in their communities, then the public will vote into office conservative government. President Obama was absolutely right, today, when he called the rioters “criminals and thugs.” Yet, when Baltimore’s mayor used the term “thug”, the doctrinaire liberal established bulldozed her into retracting that very accurate statement. There was no excuse for the violence, and no excuse for the failure of government institutions in Baltimore and Maryland.

The media and certainly the right-wing media have no legitimacy in trying to place the blame on the Mayor of Baltimore. The fact is that it is the right wing media’s complicity in illegal and immoral behavior on the part of police and continually turning away doing anything constructive to resolve these problems that is directly responsible for allowing these issues to simmer to the boiling point.

When you hear people in the media complaining and trying to whip up more confrontation for their sleazy salesmanship, jump on them hard. They are the one’s most directly responsible for having let this situation get way out of hand. Start demanding them to explain themselves about where they were when coverage of police brutality and lawlessness were overlooked until it sparked riots in the streets.