Discussion: Congressmen Pressure GOP Leaders To Strip Funding For Syrian Refugees

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May I be the first to say, “FFS!


“You’re not seeing women and children and families,” Duncan said. “You’re seeing a lot of military-age males… Be alarmed, America, about that. Be alarmed.”


Worst people in America respond to terrible event in worst possible way. Film at 11:00.


If Obama insists on allowing refugees entry the GOP could take measures to deter them, failing successful legislative efforts. During the screening process force applicants to watch the entire catalog of Adam Sandler movies as a condition of approval. Most of them will decide the hell of civil war in Syria is preferable.

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Obviously this kid would be scaling the White House walls in a suicide vest if the travesty of refugee entry isn’t stopped.


Why does Mr. Sessions appear ignorant? He comes off as an un-informed member of a very impressive elite society.

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The LITTLe TERRORist could SQueeze Between the BArs. NO NEEd to SCALe ANY wall. THAt IS Precisely THE DanGEr of weLCOMing the MUSLIM ARAB refugees, and NOT CHristiAN Ones.


Would someone find out if the GOP/Teatrolls would like hempen or nylon rope, please?

"“Our track record on screening is very poor. My Subcommittee has identified at least 26 foreign-born individuals inside the United States charged with or convicted of terrorism over approximately the last year alone,” "

Hahaha…really? OK, time for some perspective:

26 in a year is not scary.

So how does this move the fucking ball for them? Is Sessions argument that “we suck so bad at this that if we’ve found 26, that must mean there are thousands more”? That could be scary, but less readily believed…which of course is where “Obama is trying to destroy this country in the name of Allah” comes in to explain the “why do we suck so bad at finding them?” And so on and so forth…

Tinfoilus hatticus reductio ad absurdum ad infinitum donec nihil


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Let me hijack the story with a striking contrast.

Aaron Rodgers of Green Bay Packers Criticizes ‘Prejudicial Ideology’ During Moment of Silence for Paris

“I must admit though, I was very disappointed with whoever the fan was who made a comment that I thought was really inappropriate during the moment of silence. It’s that kind of prejudicial ideology that, I think, puts us in the position that we’re in today, as a world.”


will this rider be a companion to the rider to strip Planned Parenthood of funds?

hard to believe that the midget is still pissed about being passed over for a Supreme Court nomination, isn’t it?

Finally the world understands the mean little Taliban we’ve had to cope with since the Dubya Interregnum…

Seems the cowards are coming out of the woodwork all over.
Do the GOP leaders not understand it gives ISIS conniptions when we accept refugees?
And besides is rejecting people fleeing death and dismemberment what “compassionate conservatism” is all about?


If it was good enough for the Jews, why the guff about the same treatment for Syrians?

Although thousands of Jews had been admitted into the United States under the combined German-Austrian quota from 1938–1941, the US did not pursue an organized and specific rescue policy for Jewish victims of Nazi Germany until early 1944.

While some American activists sincerely intended to assist refugees, serious obstacles to any relaxation of US immigration quotas included public opposition to immigration during a time of economic depression, xenophobia, and antisemitic feelings in both the general public and among some key government officials. Once the United States entered World War II, the State Department practiced stricter immigration policies out of fear that refugees could be blackmailed into working as agents for Germany.


Wyman summarizes his principal findings in the Preface (presented below in edited precis):

The American State Department and the British Foreign Office had no intention of rescuing large number of European Jews. On the contrary, they continually feared that Germany or other Axis nations might release tens of thousands of Jews into Allied hands. Any such exodus would have placed intense pressure on Britain to open Palestine and the United States to take in more Jewish refugees ... Consequently, their polices were aimed at obstructing rescue possibilities ....
The U.S. immigration system severely limited the number of German Jews admitted during the Nazi years to about 26,000 annually — but even that quota was less than 25% filled during most of the Hitler era, because the Roosevelt administration piled on so many extra requirements for would-be immigrants. For example, starting in 1941, merely leaving behind a close relative in Europe would be enough to disqualify an applicant — on the absurd assumption that the Nazis could threaten the relative and thereby force the immigrant into spying for Hitler.


Yes. And like you say, “26” is just a number. Now if there were only 30 foreign born Americans, and 26 committed terrorist acts that would be one thing. But 26 out of say millions or at least hundreds of thousands would make foreign-born Americans probably less of a risk of committing terrorist acts than American-born ones.

So Sessions’ stat means nothing unless you think Sessions a bright guy.


Look where and how they turn inward and where and how they go outward. No coincidence, these are the two sides of the same coin.

I say rejecting refugees because bad guys might hide in amongst them is cowardly. ISIS throws a fit when we accept refugees. Rejecting them is what the bad guys want. They want us fearful.


Yep, got what you meant to say (and I fully agree). But that is not how cowardly is defined in their world. Their usage, an example: “Why doesn’t Obama kick them out? (turn inward: exclusionism) Why doesn’t Obama kick their ass? (go outward: military interventionism). He’s cowardly!” And the fact they cling to the term “Radical Islam” tells us that they actually believe there is no good guy among Muslims, and hence, according their logic, they aren’t cowards.

That Syrian passport on one of the attackers was meant to be found for just this very reason, However, Senator Sessions’ reaction against Syrian refugees is that of a pissant compared to the right-wing anti-immigration furor intended to be provoked throughout Europe.