Discussion: Congressional Chairmen Reach Deal To Fix Veterans Affairs Crisis

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Now the bill has to pass the full House and Senate. It could be a difficult sell for House Republicans because it includes $12 billion in new spending. Miller expressed optimism that the House would approve it.

There are more Republicans in the House. They can pick and choose which pure conservative GOP members who can afford to loudly sqwawk and bloviate in front of the cameras about fiscalism and grandkids’ kids paying for it to satisfy their constituents. They will vote NO. Those either will be the ones not up for election or the ones safe in their districts. The rest of the YESsers wil be those that will pretend to be oh-so-concerned about the vets and need the support for their present or future re-elections.

It will pass.


Bernie shamed them into it. Good going Bernie.


There is still time for Boehner to fuck things up and then blame the POTUS for it.


All members of the House are up for re-election.

How this isn’t rolled into the cost of two wars is an exercise for cognitive dysfunction.


I’ve got five bucks here that says this additional $10Billion being given to “private” doctors won’t reduce wait times by even one day over getting seen/treated at a VA facility.

The devil is always in the details.

Still not convinced and a long road to travel. Mcquacky will filibuster on the pretense that no amendments were allowed to give tax breaks to the rich or steal what money is left in programs that are dysfunctional already because of non-funding. Then blame it on Obama. But it will pass to go to there favorite “no” actor.
Then the house. yeow!!! Would anyone even think that there would be any remorse, concern or any patriotic feeling coming from those that pull boneheads strings? They didn’t even hesitate to shut the gov’t down or strip away dignity from those who didn’t deserve it. From healthcare to unemployment to jobs etc etc etc etc etc etc. One would have to be as nuts as them to even think there is a 50-50 chance of a bill that makes sense going to the president. Let alone even coming to the floor for a vote. There brains are already on vacation and there just waiting to change addresses for 5 weeks. If bonehead does it, he’s toast. if he does not do it, he’s toast in Nov. Just my opinion with lots of practice watching congress supposedly work for us.

Call your House reps now. Help Bernie shame them into action.