Discussion: Congress Sends Obama Bill To Punish North Korea For Refusing To End Weapons Program

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Pointless unless China agrees as well.


We should just simultaneously conduct cruise missile strikes on the following:
- NK’s missile manufacturing sites
- NK’s missile launch sites
- The command and control facilities for the field artillery sites north of the DMZ
- The building housing the headquarters of the NK Communist Party
- The little fat guy’s personal residence.

Then about six hours later we should demand the unconditional surrender of NK, and their immediate re-integration with South Korea.

Luckily, Obama is President, not you.


Trump will build a wall around North Korea and make Kim Jong-un pay for it…

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I have seen news reports this morning about China’s willingness to support stronger U.N. Sanctions. Not sure what that means for this particular bill’s ability to do anything given that Congress can only legislate what we do to NK

Congress? I haven’t heard about them in months. Did they work on another futile gesture?


Already starving his population to death to pay for nuclear and other weaponry. Already has suicidal failsafe weapons aimed at South Korea. Makes me wonder just a little how much effect additional sanctions will have. China could no doubt take the kid out in a day or two, but then they’d be left with the cleanup.


And the anti-ISIS bill?

Oh you faint-praiser you! A lobbyist wrote it of course.


Undeclared, pre-emptive war is usually condemned in the world outside the Middle East. Even there, such wars have unanticipated blowbacks.

Sanctions are to make us feel good.

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old wagonmound could be ted crudz’s secretary of war. a fine pair of brainiacs.