Discussion: Congress Is About To Ban The IRS From Offering A Free Tax Filing Service. Thank TurboTax

If the tax agency created its own program, which would be similar to programs other developed countries have

Can’t have that. We’re better.


I wouldn’t trust it anyway but, yeah total BS that the Gov’t can’t provide free software, save me $50


And they’re all stinking pinkos.


Up selling really ticks me off. At the Vet, the Dentist, the Optometrist. In capitalism should we be supporting companies/corporation instead of citizens.


You don’t need software to do your taxes. Just a website that does it for you. Like the State of California does for their income tax system.


The saddest part is that in the end it would likely save the IRS money based on efficiency and save people money.

I guess we should expect this… this is like single payer healthcare… it’s the efficient way to do it, but entrenched industry convinces Congress to resist the obvious solutions.


…F*ckin’ Hippies!


It’s infuriating being charged 27 bucks to file your goddam taxes like you’re a millionaire participating in a 1989 pilot project.

It’s more infuriating being charged 3%(!) by a private vendor to pay your goddam taxes with a credit card or surcharged a flat fee to use a debit card as if it is some exotic mode of payment requiring vast expense and trouble to process.


I used TurboTax online this year, but never again. Their upsell scam tried to take me from $0 (via Fidelity discount) to $155, after hours of data entry and without my needs having changed from the original estimate. This is their business model, as lots of similar reviews attest. It took me two hours to get it knocked down to $80, which I accepted as the cost of a painful lesson.


This is nuts. There is literally no justification for this. If the government can do something so much better than private industry that the industry would close, it should. Same goes for healthcare and everything else. Conservative Mantra is that private industry does everything better, but then prove it’s the opposite by forbidding the government from offering these services at all.

The smartest thing Democrats could do is have the IRS give everyone their own online portal so we can keep track of our tax situation year round and file based on what they already have on us; instead of having us report what we can and getting a scary letter every time we’re wrong. We’ll still need tax software for businesses, but for individuals the IRS already knows everything. All we’d be doing is checking their numbers, stating our deductions, and doing payments through them with no charges.

This is exactly what people want and would make filing much easier and less stressful. People just think the IRS is too dumb to do it; not that our lawmakers are in the bag for the personal tax industry.


Honestly? This is an example of the direct output of our system when lobbying is an accepted, and even encouraged part of the process.

This is pretty much the most predictable outcome of our current system of legislation.


Why not? Virginia had a perfectly fine free e-filing system for income taxes until these shitbags stepped in and came up with some bullshit about the “conflict of interest” having the tax preparer and the tax reviewer be the same entity and—voila—the mechanism I used to successfully file my income taxes for half a dozen years was no more. Not even a fucking whimper from the supine VA legislature.


And what the Democrats got from the likes of TurboTax for doing this is peanuts compared to what they get from big pharma and Wall Street. But, hey, as long as we are all angry about Trump (and excited about the promise of maybe a potential subpoena) they can win some more seats and raise buckets cash.

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I use TurboTax, with pretty good results, and I file on paper, by mail, so I’m out of the ordinary. But I think this is outrageous.

(I do my own return, because I started my professional life as a tax lawyer, and I maintain the fiction that I should be able to do my own taxes, even though tax return preparation is typically the province of accountants, not lawyers.)


A website is software…


Next piece of evidence that we don’t actually have a free market. It’s all a protectionist racket set up with laws to ensure cash flow to the wealthy.

Since most people already have almost all their data reported to the IRS by banks and their employers, there’s NO fucking need to duplicate effort and fill out forms to send them the shit they already have from you.


Perjury traps!

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“Last week, the House Ways and Means Committee, led by Rep. Richard Neal, D-Mass.,…”

Richard Neal, a Yorkie in sheep’s clothing, was slow going after Trump’s tax returns, but here he is doing the bidding of Intuit. He is a great statesman.


Primary tenet of the new American capitalism - If you’ve ever made a profit doing a thing, you are entitled to do that thing for that profit forever, and the government’s job is to make damn sure that happens for you.