Discussion: Cohn: 'I Have A Great Relationship' With Trump, Especially On Corporate Tax Cuts

And by continuing to support Hair Furor, I have officially renounced my Judaism and humanity.

Sincerely, Gary Cohn


“I love my job!”

I’ve gotta go walk now. My outrage meter is hitting the red zone early this morning.




Me three. Fresh air and 60 degrees here today so far. Going up to 72…perfect weather for a walk.

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Gary Cohn spent 27 years at Goldman Sachs. During that time, he built up a well-deserved reputation for integrity, for good judgment, for occasional ruthlessness, and for his loyalty (until the very end when he tried to get the Goldman board to name him C.E.O.)

A "Ruthless guy who’s loyal “until”. JUst the man for Trump’s Cabinet, IMHO.

Source: https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2017/08/gary-cohn-contemplates-the-end

Edit: While not on the Cabinet, Cohn is one of the “heads of the major departments” specified in the Amendment, so he should have a vote.

Cohn: ‘I Have A Great Relationship’ With Trump, Especially On Corporate Tax Cuts

That’s the whole reason he joined the government. The kind of tax cuts he has in mind will personally save him so much in taxes, that it will more than make up in for the money the stopped earning in wall street.

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Life becomes easier when you disregard your core beliefs and morals.

  • Grifter von Cohn

Hey Cohn what’s your relationship with Neo-Nazis? Is it great like Trumps?

“I have a great relationship with the President,

I’m white.

Grovel , grovel , cap in hand .

Ya great, so your just as much of a joke and just as useless as the liar in chief, nice. Can’t wait till they are gone, hopefully Mr. Mueller will facilitate this desire.