Discussion: Cohen Asks Lawmakers To Write Letters To Help Delay His Prison Date

This should be easy. Cohen supplies what he has found so far, if it is indeed valuable, then write letters to support his cause ; if this is just ‘hot air’ fuggedaboudit


What the hell, give it a shot.

Mikey the Fixer really doesn’t want to go to jail.

There should be an ETTD cell block.

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If we could exchange Cohen going to jail for tRump, in a heart beat I’d say yes. Cohen piddling around with files that might be helpful doesn’t sound like that strong a case to get the king into jail.


Bullshit! They should subpoena the entire contents and thank Cohen by letting him report to club fed on schedule! Maybe consider forgoing the additional obstruction or contempt charges he deserves for trying to play cute with Congress.

It’s worth a try! You don’t get if you don’t ask.

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Gitmo is available.

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deliver all you have asap instead of the bait game.
Then you might have a chance at your scheme, maybe
everyday that goes by is 1 day closer to prison.
you will run out of those soon.
then bye bye