Discussion: CNN To Host Town Hall About Gun Control With President Obama

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Obama is scheduled to sit down with CNN host Anderson Cooper on the fifth anniversary of the shooting of former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ).

Horrific as that was, it’s not a date I keep in my head, my bad i guess. To help lamers like me, perhaps Sara could include the actual fcking date in the three-sentence article?


fox-light is hosting this town hall?

…come on Mr. President, you can do better than faux-noise-light!

blizter and company will be do nothing but bad mouth you at every turn. Even Coop will be getting into the act.

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My first thought as well. . . Is CNN really the place for an objective airing of the issue that won’t be used to discredit this President or any reasonable policy suggestions?

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Aargh, the comment link for the story I least want to chat about is the only one that works…Curse you, Carly!


I really hope security is extra tight for this event. The gun nuts are probably already in a lather about this.


I live in Tucson. Gabby was my Congresswoman. And my career was spent in the hospital she was initially brought to for treatment. One of the people Jared Loughner killed that day was a neighbor of mine.
It’s hard for me to forget January 8th.


I doubt you’ll ever forget Darr, that was a bad bad day for everyone, and the closer you were the worse it got. It just seemed like shoddy work to leave out the date.


I remember especially the beefy men in dark suits who had no humor at all who quickly showed up at the hospital. It felt very strange to be questioned by outlanders at every turn in a place where I’d spent over 40 years. It got very intense when Obama came to town for the tribute a few days later. I gave up trying to get into my lab that day and went to his speech instead.
I agree the date should be in the article


Like it or hate it, it still is a major news source for many people.


See my response above to AZ Dude. He has to reach the biggest mixed audience. They are not my source for news but CNN is still for a lot of people.


Fair enough - and it is right for the President to keep this issue in the public eye. I guess I still get disappointed when I occasionally watch something on CNN and remember what it used to be terms of news and credibility.

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The point i wanted to make before becoming the content-police, is that we’ve been hearing about the imminent executive action for a while now, so this makes me sure we’ll finally hear the actual policy before this airs, so it should happen this week.

The article didn’t give the date, but did say Thursday. Can you remember Thursday? :smile:

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it’s been edited since it was posted. or i’m an idiot. Your choice.


Ah, ok. That 'splains the original confusion, for sure.

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Is ‘Sara Jerde’ some sort of code for ‘transcribed press release’? I have yet to see anything worthy of a byline published under that moniker here.

A bit of a mystery to me why TPM articles so often lack a working chat link.

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I’m all for anything that gets the conversation started. This country needs to begin civil discussion over guns in America and how they are used. The NRA and munitions industry have kept this from happening for far too long.

There are situations and places where the possession of firearms are warranted like in farm country where I grew up hunting and protecting our livestock. And then there are so many other places where they are not warranted. “I need one because I’m afraid” is an example for me.

Good on Obama for refusing to be a lame duck and take this huge pus filled issue on. Let’s hope that it sticks and becomes an on-going discussion.


But Darr said that the anniversary is 1/8 and that’s Friday. So clarification of the date belonged in the article.