Discussion: CNN Poll: Hillary Clinton Trails Bernie Sanders In N.H. By 16 Points

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Bet that Berns.


Forget 3:00 a.m. phone calls…the question is whether she’s going to take THIS wake-up call.


That’s odd because I saw some recently where she was ahead. It really seems there are lots of contradictory polls out there.

Lots of people sticking their heads in the sand, too. I’ve pretty much written this cycle off, and hope Trumps gets in so it will only be one term. Clinton won’t win.

That’s an understatement or as someone else observed

Statistics are used much like a drunk uses a lamppost: for support, not illumination

Myself, I’ll stick with the polling that says because of endorsements, fund raising, and prediction markets which is betting, she’ll be the nominee.

Goddess, stop hitting me with those negative waves when the weekend is approaching.

Still a while before the polling places open.

Unskew! Unskew!


What? No not really. It’s only…umm… Let’s see 4…carry the 1 plus umm… Aw fuckit (checking countdown clock). 410 days 7 hours and 5 minutes.

:persevere: 410 more days… 410 DAYS :grimacing: of polling, inane comments, grade school insults, idiotic commercials, and TRUMP? We all should get an award for surviving.


I think it’s called February, and I hope none of the primaries fall on Groundhog Day.

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Stick a fork in her, folks. She’s done.

And if Bernie can pull off Iowa and do reasonable in SC, he’s got a reasonable shot at becoming the next president of the United States. Who on the Republican side can beat him?


In the HuffPo Pollster aggregator, Bernie has a 12 point lead lead in NH; Hillary still leads in IA in the aggregator 43-27, though Bernie has led in at least one individual poll. Hillary still holds an overall national lead 44-27. In NH, though, Bernie’s lead is solid and has held up over several polls for the last month.


Well, I hope Bernie makes it. But I wouldn’t count out the Republicans just yet. They’ll eventually get their act together. I’m worried about Rubio or Kasich, people they could maybe sell as normal.

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Stick a fork in her, folks. She’s done.

Someone forgot to tell the five largest national polls that have HRC ahead by anywhere from 18 to 14 points, for an average of 14.7. And two weeks ago, she was at the same level.


Me too, Rubio and Kasich, but as a duo. It’s all about the math in the general election. Think Florida and Ohio. A little early but:

Safe D/Likely D/Lean D = 247 electoral votes
Safe R/Likely R/Lean R = 206 electoral votes
Toss Up = 85 electoral votes (FL and OH make up 47 of these electoral votes.)

Could get a little unnerving if these two can stay in the race and pass for credible…


Oh, please…

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Not a bad take. I was just thinking of those who had avoided anything too crazy, but if those two together could deliver Florida and Ohio… yikes.

This poll includes Biden – so it depends who those voters would turn to if he isn’t running.


The only way Hillary can win is if she gets her act together first and starts appearing more genuine and building some excitement. Bernie’s success is an indication of just how weak Hillary is as a candidate. But hey, I’d be happier with Bernie as the Democratic nominee anyway.