Discussion: CNN, Fox, MSNBC: Trump Wins New Hampshire GOP Primary

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I admit it, I was wrong: I didn’t think JEB would make the top 3. He seems to be pulling a solid 12%. He must feel proud.

why do i get the feeling things just went sideways in america?

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Took a break from looking for jobs in Canada to write this :smiley: . Fake God help us.

I am enjoying that Rubio is dropping like a lead weight, but Kasich showing well scares me. I sort of want Cruz to finish second.


It’s looking more and more like Trump will get the nomination. Much of the media as well as much of the Republican Party is in denial of this, but I don’t see how he can be stopped at this point.

I was hoping Carson would make a bold showing just so we can continue posting the One Wittle Wee-Wee song …

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Robottie is slipping below 10% now.

Certainly someone told Trump that the “establishment” folks would negate each other. COMBINED they outnumber Trump. At this minute:

Kasich= 16.1%
Bush= 11.7%
Rubio= 9.8%
Christie= 7.7%

That adds up to 45.3%

But they are fighting each other. The “establishment” cannot overcome hubris.


And some more even after the debate… I’m not sure if that sorta glitch which reveals the entire weakness of your candidacy is something you can recover from. But we will see…

Am I wrong to assume Christie is pretty much done?

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Well, sounds like he’s headed home.

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