Discussion: Clinton Uses Paid Family Leave Question To Bash GOP On Abortion Rights

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Brava Madame President, Brava!


She was awesome tonight. Awesome

As O’Malley said, he was proud to be on that stage talking about real issues that affect americans and what a contrast. I doubt we had the viewers the clown car had.


She was audibly angry when she said that - the disgust was palpable.
We all should be disgusted at the bogus attack in Planned Parenthood, and women’s rights.


I think it clear Hillary wants to take this fight to the Republicans. The great MacCarthy Gaffe is like campaign gold.


She is sooo right on this point. Would like to see that distinction made again and again, as the Repugs’ constant refrain about Big Gubmint has always been a ruse and subterfuge from the very start.

They have no problem fighting to-get-all-up-in a women’s private parts using the overwhelming power of the Federal government to enact their agenda. They also have no problem protecting the plutocracy from paying their fair share of taxes, granting them loopholes that protect the donor class from ever having to give back to the country that made them rich in the first place. All that is done under the aegis of Big Government, with Republicans as their Number 1 supporters. Corporate Welfare is just another huge way the GOP undermines their claim of wanting to demolish Big Government, by virtue of transferring wealth upwards instead of letting the money go to those in need.

Sounded like a Gotcha question…!