Discussion: Clinton: Trump Is 'Most Dangerous, Reckless' Presidential Candidate Ever

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" Make America Michelle Obama Again"

---- Melania Trump


Welcome to Thunderdome–Day 2. Making America Hate Again.


And so are Donnie Drumpf’s supporters, dangerous & reckless.


Snapped this on the freeway yesterday. These are the people all around you. Trump fans.


“Ol. Joe McCarthy was right all along”

Res ipsa loquitur


And there’s one thing even more dangerous than Donald Trump, and that’s the millions of our fellow citizens who believe he should sit in the Oval Office.


Just for choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate, John McCain was a close second to Trump.


We have them here in my little Ohio town as well, only they add the Confederate flag to the foursome more often than not. Which just drives me crazy as I live about a half mile from the birth place William Tecumseh Sherman … do they even realize Ohio was a Union state? Do they realize that people carrying that flag a hundred and fifty odd years ago probably killed more than a few members of their family?


I was also going to comment to @steviedee111 that the only thing missing was the Confederate flag.

These are some scary people. Scarier still, we encounter them every day without knowing it. I at least appreciate the ones who openly fly their crazy flags so that I know to avoid them…


Mrs. Clinton’s team should take note of the Trump family’s rude exit, last evening, from their still-ongoing Convention and suggest a President Trump’s SUV fleet will always flee prematurely…

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What if there was an asteroid due to strike earth on November 2016 and NASA decided to defund “in order to make the danger more exciting for the general public”?

What if the MSM decided to make Trump’s lies truth and enable him to the max so as to get mouse clicks, ad time, access and $$$$$$$$?

What if the MSM actually said the truth:

  • The asteroid strike and its deterrence would feature the finest elements of human nature

  • Trump’s election (which would kill civilization just as sure as an asteroid strike, but slower) features the basest and most hateful elements of human nature


Clement Valandingham was from Ohio. Ohio supplied a lot of troops and staunch supporters to the Union cause, but it was also a hotbed of, well, not to put too fine a point on it, treasonous conspiracies. While in exile in Canada, Valandingham actually raised money and conspired to try to detach Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana from the Union to form their own country.


The confederates were amazed that Ohio troops could read.

I think Hillary’s descriptions of Hair Drumpf were a little generous. It’s as if she’s minimizing how awful he really is.


The funny thing is, Melania Trump’s father was a Communist–supposedly “only” to further his business interests.

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Seriously… The ball’s in your court Sen. Clinton. DO NOT fuck this up…

I don’t know about other TPM readers, but I know a guy (and his sibs the same) who is going to vote for Trump because he believes that Clinton is in bed with Big Money and is for sale. That’s the end of the discussion for him. And this guy is well educated, publishes articles on American literature, and is a million miles from being an authoritarian.

So how does she address those who by any normal standards should be supporting her, when it is Trump’s disruptive style, and the hope that he will break the stinking links between money and politics, that make him the choice of otherwise sensible people?

The corruption has been massive, and Elizabeth Drew called it out decades ago. People in Congress need donations all the time, and people who can pay get access. This is true on both sides of the aisle. Democracy got hollowed out a long time ago.

Trump would be the end of the American experiment, but this is already a dying animal. Can Hilary Clinton reverse that downward trend? Can she credibly engage those who are fed up with the disconnect between government and ordinary people? She needs to try, and try very hard.

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premature evacuation … oh my


We are sick and tired of repeating this, but it’s infuriating the MSM have been doing a massive false-equivalency disservice by saying “the two least popular candidates” and thereby implying they are somehow comparable. No, they aren’t. One is nuts and the other is sane. One is in an alternative universe and the other is in the real world. And they say “both are bad”? Besides, those guys are talking about her negatives with a straight face after contributing a LOT to it themselves with their negative, biased coverage?

This is sickening.