Discussion: Clinton On Sanders' Health Plan: He's 'Making' It 'Up As He Goes Along'

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I suppose this is the best the Clinton camp could come up with on such short notice. And as quick reactions go, it could be worse. But it basically defangs her previous line of attack for this debate, while allowing him to point to the specifics in a plan he’s probably a lot more familiar with than she is.


The plan says it is going to cost less than what we pay out now in Medicaid, and it is supposed to cover everything under the sun. This plan is a deadend with republicans because it raises taxes on everyone.

I’m fairly neutral regarding HRC, and will of course vote in lockstep when she is the inevitable (?) nominee.

But she really does surround herself with some unpleasant pieces of work.


Every time I try to warm up to the woman and consider voting for her, she demonstrates she’s a bigger ass than I thought. Hillary, if your ideas are better, rather than whine about your opponent, tell us what your ideas are and why they are better.


Of courses taxes will be raised, but the question will be will those taxes be less than what your health insurance premiums were.


So if she is then nominee you won’t vote for her? Is that what you are saying?

I think it is a very spirited debate and civil and what a contrast we are compared to the crazy 8. Look at what our candidates are talking about in contrast to the crazy 8.

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Unless we take back the house yes it is dead on arrival but it doesn’t mean we can’t keep trying. I do concede it’s going to be difficult to put health insurance companies out of business.

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Was I right or was I right.

Well, if those are the choices… :wink:

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It made me laugh, Sanders & Co. dropping his HC plan on the media and Clinton a few hours before the debate. I was concerned about that but his campaign people made it work. It’s about getting attention - and diverting attention (gun manuf liability) - and it seemed to work. Can’t wait for the criticism to follow tomorrow morning; “sloppy, thrown together, w/o merit”.

And the beat goes on.

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Except that what the Clinton Camp said was true…


She did. You weren’t listening. Since you didn’t catch her comments, why not go to her website and get an update?

Some of what they said true, some was misleading, and some was outright false. I think that for once the media actually got it mostly right (or at least the parts of the media I follow did) in sorting out which claims fit which category.

All in all, I think it was a useful exercise, even (or maybe especially) Bernie having to respond to criticisms that weren’t entirely fair. After all, should he win the nomination, he’ll have to face much, much worse exaggerations and falsehoods from the Republicans. So it was all good practice.

And Hillary was 100% right that the American people deserved to have the updated details on how he would pay for his single payer proposal, Now it’s out there, and can be discussed more clearly. Given that Bernie’s campaign manager had waffled (and contradicted the candidate) by saying it wouldn’t necessarily be before Iowa as Bernie had previously promised, Hillary can justifiably claim to have moved him to stop delaying and get the plan out there as promised, which he did.

I agree that it was a useful exercise. I do think, however that Hillary is inappropriately labeled as lying about Bernie’s plan when she only had (until 2 hours prior to the debate) the bill that he proposed in 2013 as a window into his plan. These are excerpts from the bill, which I have posted elsewhere here, and saw originally at Dagblog:

Bernie’s 2013 bill proposal

Eliminates benefits under: (1) titles XVIII (Medicare), XIX (Medicaid), and XXI (Children’s Health Insurance) (CHIP, formerly known as SCHIP) of the Social Security Act; (2) the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program; and (3) TRICARE.
Repeals provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) related to health insurance coverage, including provisions concerning state health insurance exchanges.

This would all be replaced by Single-Payer, European-style health care. As much as I would love this, it isn’t going to happen.

There’s no evidence in the bill of how Senator Sanders proposes to Congressionally enact or pay for his highly transformative plan, but there’s this -

Amends the Internal Revenue Code to impose on individuals: (1) a health care income tax, and (2) an income tax surcharge on amounts of modified adjusted gross income exceeding $1 million. Imposes an excise tax on securities transactions and allows an income tax credit for such taxes.

So I disagree entirely that she was spreading false information about his plans. She also reminded him (and the rest of us in case we needed it) that Congress just passed a bill repealing the ACA – LAST WEEK! Does anyone really believe that any Congress, even with a slim Dem majority can do what he wants?

Clutching your pearls yet CV? Don’t go to far from the fainting couch. You must be feelin’ the BERN!

Oh, grow up! I love my pearls, and I never clutch them.

Just having a laugh. Thought you might need one as well.