Discussion: Cleveland Police Demand Apology For Browns Player's Tamir Rice Protest

And it’s truly remarkable to see just how incredibly insular, tone-deaf and hyper-sensitive seemingly every police union rep in the U.S. is.


Yes, they are.

Touchy, touchy…


Hey, Mr. Police Union President: Don’t you have better things to worry about than a T-shirt? Like the recently completed two-year Justice Department study that found the Cleveland police have a pattern of “unreasonable and unnecessary use of force”? Good luck adapting to your consent decree.

Oh, and threats from cops to stop doing your job if someone hurts your feelings make you look like entitled brats stuck at a mental age of about 8 years old.


CPD will get their apology right after they rid their force of their killer cops.


fuck cleveland cops.

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That’s their job. They are basically the NRA of Police Officers, and will always push for a maximalist understanding of police force and a minimalist understanding of their accountability.


Especially egregious in this case. We’ve all seen the Tamir Rice murder (and yes, that was murder) on video. That cop should be in jail, awaiting trial. No confusion about what happened or why. Terrible, totally irresponsible, trigger-happy policing.

(And I’ve posted this on another thread, but I think it bears repeating - if the guy in the playground had been a fat, white, open-carry POS with an AR-15, I’ll bet he’d be alive today.)


These Police Union Presidents remind me of Bill Donohue, head of The Catholic League, i.e., whine, cry, claim victimhood because someone said something I disagree with.


A superb question for a reporter to ask the union president. Of course they won’t since that would mean actually doing some investigation.


It’s pretty pathetic when athletes think they know the law.

People aren’t protesting because they don’t understand that the police have been protected by the law in these killings, they are protesting precisely because they do understand it. I suppose he also thinks that protesters in the 1960’s just didn’t understand that segregation was legal.


“It’s pretty pathetic when athletes think they know the law,”
How so? What qualifications does a Union Chief have when it comes to the law? Ill bet the “football player” knows what the First Amendment is…and so should that Union guy.


I believe that individual police officers would be morally and personally offended by any colleague who irresponsibly / unprofessionally exercised lax judgment and killed an innocent person.

It is reasonable to think that many individual police officers often worry - a lot - about how easy it could be to end up in a situation where they had to make instantaneous judgments in a life or death circumstance. Where, even though they want nothing more than to protect & serve - if they honestly miscalculate, they could become subject to prosecution.
The best of these individual police officers take a deep breath and persevere - they live with this concern and do everything in their power to strike that balance between the highest level of safety /protection and the appropriate level of diligence, caution and assessment.

The Police Union leaders have taken an extreme & adversarial posture that basically demands de facto immunity for all officers - and aggressively pursues a blame the civilian victim stance in virtually all cases. The Police Union Leaders seem bent upon “protecting their own” regardless of the individual facts in the situation.


Unless the government is abridging it, then well, your speech isn’t free. Or according to the Constitution it isn’t.


“In the criminal justice system, the people are resented by two separate yet equally important groups. The police who instigate crimes and the district attorneys who refuse to prosecute the offenders. These are their stories.”


That’s a nice stadium we protect for you. Would be a shame if anything happened to it.

Cops are NOT above the law.


Democrats love public employee unions. Republicans love racist cops. Therefore, if you’re a member of a police union, you can literally get away with murder in America’s two-party system.

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This is the same CPD that DOJ found had a pattern of unrestrained unnecessary force just a week and a half ago?


Why are police and their union spokesmen always so thin-skinned and so quick to take offense at people who exercise their First Amendment rights?


I have to say that what’s transpiring around the country with out of control police, who clearly serve themselves first and foremost, and the revelation that police around the country are now receiving military weapons, have changed my mind about gun control. Until the police in this country are held accountable, demilitarized and begin to behave responsibly…I think it’s better that people are armed. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that police are being militarized…there IS going to be an economic collapse eventually, and with it social violence. I think the corporations and oligarchs would rather spend their wealth installing a police state to control the angry masses than allowing a more equitable society that would prevent angry masses of people in the first place. It’s corporate thinking.

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