Discussion: City Refuses To Allow Return Of Pumpkin Fest That Erupted In White Riots

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It is a shame that a few people can ruin a wonderful annual event like that. I used to live in that city and it was a fun time every October. I support the decision, though, as it was quite a mess and a safety risk last year…

Laconia also isn’t a college town.

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A few!? Since I live near-by it was hardly a few. Keen State students ruined killed the Pumpkin fest.

I thought riots were just that, riots. Didn’t know there was a white riot and black riot.

It was vandalism. It was a**holes. It was a shame, but there were people there who never even noticed it was happening. (I live nearby and out-of-town guests attended and were oblivious to the unrest.) My peeve is calling it “white riots.” That serves no purpose in either reporting on it or explaining it. As opposed to “black riots?” “Asian riots?” Unprovoked vandalism is what it was, and it has spoiled a great event for us all.

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Now just wait a cotton-pickin minute here…Good christian white folk dont riot, thats a black thing! Us god fearin white folk just like celebrating our heritage!

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You cant deny that if it were black people it would certainly be called “rioting”…even when black people peacefully protest the media makes it out like they are unruly and violent and that simply isnt the case. But when whites riot (think Seattle after the Super Bowl or Kentucky after they lost ) its not called rioting…


Lots of race baiting going on with this sites headlines lately. Real childish and stupid.

Most articles called what happened in Seattle riots.

Same with Kentucky


The last link is the VERY conservative NY Post (Right Wing Nut Jobs for sure), and even they called it a riot.

So you just made stuff up to race bait.

White people and black people have rioted, as have many other types of people. How hard is this?

In Baltimore, where Freddie Gray was killed by police last week, the police union representative referred to peaceful protesters, mostly black, as a lynch mob. So, yes, there are racial connotations associated with the term “riot.” When whites riot after sporting events or at music festivals, the term is never used to describe their behavior. When blacks gather, to protest, for instance, there is typically a military response. Look. I didn’t make the rules. But pretending that racial distinctions and double standards don’t exist just perpetuates white privilege blindness.


You seem to have forgotten the context. Last year there were several minor disturbances involving mostly blacks that were inevitably called “riots”, and then there this town-wide orgy of drunken vandalism at, of all things, the pumpkin festival, which was not described as a riot and involved mostly white college students. Josh commented at the time, with irony, on the pervasive spectre of white violence.

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I concur.

I did not forget anything, I pointed out facts.

Here are reports from the Pumpkin festival last year on mainstream media. They describe it as riots.

In this one the HEADLINE says “Riot breaks out”

Boston globe also called it riots.

Wow, look at this, even FOX News reported it as riots.

So once again, you have stated something that is 100% false. Just because a person writes something, that does not make it true. You were baited.

Oh, I can take a segment from FOX and Friends maybe where they did not call it a riot, and somehow say “see what the media described it as!!”. But that’s called BSing your audience. You fell for it. The overwhelming majority of the media described what those RIOTERS in New Hampshire did as RIOTING. To deny that is just to deny reality and documented proof.

Now, can you show me where there were minor disturbances by blacks that were described as riots? And don’t refer me to some talk show jerks on FOX, I mean mainstream reports. Links too please. Keep in mind that if people are looting and burning stores or flipping cars over, that is a riot. Just like the jerks in New Hampshire.

I’m a local, it’s really too bad that the Keene State students went on a drunken tear & started a riot. That won’t happen in the new venue, Laconia has no colleges & they handle Bike Week each year & do it well. As for black/white riots, this is NH, we don’t have enough minorities to cause a riot but we do have plenty of Free Staters to screw with government.


Laconia is a great little city, and is certainly looking forward to the traffic and spending for its businesses, so I hope it turns into a better event.