Discussion: CIA Director Pompeo: Russia Loves To 'Stick It To America'

The Russians’ favorite receptacle for sticking things, Mr. Pompeo?

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Hard to imagine why Russia wouldn’t fix it’s own problems first and the it wouldn’t need to dick around with the US

I sense a disturbance in the Trump communications and messaging force today.


He doesn’t sound very loyal to Trump, I think ?

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Did Pompeo happen to mention anything about the CIA’s psychological profile of one Donald J. Trump?

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Mike, Donny’s calling.

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Wow! So do Trump voters!

The North Korea people — I’m sure are lovely people


CIA Director Pompeo: Russia Loves To ‘Stick It To America’

Well, they certainly stuck it to us with Trump.


The CIA does have a psych profile on Trump. It’s filed between Narcissistic Tendencies and Russian Hookers.