Discussion: Christie's Beach Trip Prompts Bill To Pay State Workers During Budget Dispute

This is what happens when your state is run by someone who wasn’t good enough for the Trump administration.


I will laugh my head off if Christie’s arrogance causes the state to have to pay workers’ salaries during the shutdown (Maybe Christie would just veto it - he sure isn’t worried about his public image.)


The bill, S3422, passed in the Senate (32-0) and the Assembly (67-0-0). Veto proof.
[source: http://www.njleg.state.nj.us/bills/BillView.asp]



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Christie just ruined it for all of the other psychopaths who would pull a stunt like this. Nice.

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As a New Jersey resident (handle is from my youth in Michigan), I endorse this bill and all other possible forms of humiliation for Christie. He deserves it all.

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Donnie will think that’s a dare.

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The Third Amendment prevents Americans form having to have quartered the British in their home, but apparently the New Jersey pig can force them out of their home so he can go to the beach.

Welfare works.

Fat salary, rapid transit, private beaches… no drag on society he.

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The total humiliation and downfall of this man (remember - he was considered a front runner for the presidency before Bridgegate) over the last few years has been one of the real highlights for me in an otherwise dreadful period.


For most of us, the phrase “the governor’s beach house” elicits a spit-take. Whaaaaa???!!??!!

That’s good to hear. Let the cheap Capone knock-off try to veto those bills. Having his veto overridden just adds to the humiliation he deserves when he’s not guarding a bowl of nachos at a ball game.