Discussion: Christie To Speak Before Adelson Again, This Time With Sean Penn Looking On

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What would karmic justice is that if after the Republican party predicates its Presidential race on Sheldon Adelson dropping $200 million on them, said Sheldon was buried in the mount of olives before he handed the money over.

Adelson’s racist brand of Zionism that considers the Palestinians to be an aboriginal tribe to be ‘transferred’ is very much a Holocaust generation phenomenon. Most people can see that what Adelson stands for is essentially a pogrom on the Palestinians. He is a bigot because he can only see the injuries done to his type of people.

The Republican party is so obviously a bunch of hack shills whose policies are on sale. The interest in climate change denial will only last as long as the Koch bros are paying $200 million a year for it.

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I’d have loved to see him trying to stand up from a kneeling position.

Yeah, that would be interesting, Doughboy down on one knee pushing himself up off a metal chair instead of a church pew. The chair tips, Christie loses his balance and all fall down! God is in the room!!

I’m sure he took the Tunnel (had to get that in).

Meanwhile in the real world,here’s whats going on here at home.

"New Jersey wrongly notified about 2,000 taxpayers that they underpaid their 2013 taxes, but the state won’t notify them about the error unless the taxpayer asks, possibly causing taxpayers to send the state money that wasn’t owed.

About one percent of the more than 242,000 taxpayers who made an estimated tax payment in 2013 received a letter from the state in recent weeks saying they owed more money on their tax bills.

“Taxpayers inadvertently received underpayment notices because of an error that was discovered on the estimated payment voucher,” said Department of Treasury spokesman Joseph Perone."

One of many situations here.


“…Christie … is set to give the Sunday’s keynote speech…”

Hopefully he will finally explain why he endangered the lives of New Jersey residents by closing key lanes to the George Washington Bridge on the first day of school and two days before the twelfth anniversary of the 911 terrorist attack right down the street.

Or at least explain why he doesn’t care.


In short… one fat-ass kissing another fat asses’ fat ass.


Many Americans cringe with guilt when they see how Addelson and his Master Zionists reprise our own degrading treatment of native Americans in their mistreatment of their Palestinian fellows.

Given all the advantages the rest of the world knows, “Aboriginal races” will produce brilliant, creative and beautiful people, as a rule, not an exception, and labeling them with any sort of classification only exposes the lack of culture in the accusers, not their victims.

Character, the kind that really identifies the quality in any one of us, knows no race, gender, creed or persuasion, but it is certainly lacking in those who deem themselves superior based on race.


Actor Sean Penn attending?

Also, great pic. Says it all about the Republican Party.

No way do Christie’s knees survive that stress…they’ll stand him in an elevator, and lower it until Gov. Soprano’s pie hole is low enough…to accept Addledbrain’s…donation, shall we say.

I don’t understand the anger directed towards Sheldon Adelson. Outgoing Majority Leader Harry Reid only has kind words for his friend telling NBC, “I know Sheldon Adelson. He’s not in this for money. He’s got money. He’s in it because he has certain ideological views. Now, Sheldon Adelson’s social views are in keeping with the Democrats on choice, on all kinds of things. He just got a beef with organized labor a few years ago. And he previously was a Democrat.”

Before you ask, Harry Reid is more disliked than the Koch Brothers. The good news is listed on page Q3-7. The funny part is that 25% report they never heard of Harry Reid.

If Christie really wants to ingratiate himself with Adelson, he’ll proclaim that he’s desperate to have his children become snipers with the IDF. This would be right in line with what Adelson said himself:

“I am not Israeli, the uniform that I wore in the military unfortunately was not an Israeli uniform, it was an American uniform, although my wife was in the IDF, and one of my daughters was in the IDF, and my two little boys — our two little boys one of whom will be bar mitzvahed tomorrow… hopefully he’ll come back [to Israel], his hobby is shooting and he’ll come back and be a sniper for the IDF… All we care about is being good Zionists, being good citizens of Israel, because even though I am not Israeli born, Israel is in my heart,…”

What you very conveniently fail to mention is that poll was conducted by The Tarrance Group, which describes itself this way on its own website:

“The Tarrance Group is one of the most widely respected and successful Republican strategic research and polling firms in the nation. The firm is run by Edward A. Goeas III, who serves as President and CEO… Our total commitment to quality has helped elect more than 80 Republican Governors, U.S. Senators and Members of Congress, as well as numerous state legislative candidates.”

What a tremendous surprise that a Republican polling firm finds that the Democratic Senate Majority leader is less popular than two arch-conservative Republican billionaires who donate tens of millions of dollars to Republicans and Republican causes.

  1. Anger is directed toward Sheldon Adelson because he purchases political power.
  2. Harry Reid may be more disliked than the Kochs because he’s front and center in the public eye, while the Kochs hide behind a curtain and use fronts and misinformation to get their way.
  3. “The funny part is that 25% report they never heard of Harry Reid.” Why do you think it’s funny that Americans are so ignorant of what’s going on around them? It’s actually one of the saddest aspects of our culture.

Sean volunteered to punch the photographer.

Sorry, Hogfather. That food truck has sailed.

It’s going to be Jeb and we liberals had best put our differences aside and get behind Hillary. We can influence her toward the left after she’s POTUS and we’re safe from eight years of weak ass tea.


I don’t think it’s going to be Jeb, but I would agree that Democrats need to unite behind Hillary or whoever the Democratic candidate turns out to be. The Supreme Court is too important to be left in a Republican’s hands.

Cant fault Christie for kissing the ring, or, as it may be the tefillin. Didn’t Harry Reid say last week that Sheldon Adelson is true of heart and noble in purpose?

Is the real world that close to NYC?

nj just received another credit downgrade a couple of weeks ago. funny how it was only noted in local nj press; while the national political press corps begins to again rally around fatso.

there is a $800+ million budget shortfall. the gov has to grab funds from anywhere he can. what a scummy thing to do.