Discussion: Christie Never Followed Through On Order Blocking Syrian Refugees

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Christie is probably just distracted by the recent death of King Hussein of Jordan.


That’s got to be it…

The order to DHS is probably on his personal e-mail server, along with the Bridgegate documents.



Tempest in a teapot. Or a 55-gallon drum, as the case may be.

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Feckless weakling? Nah, just a fuckwad.

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Christie: I dont need to give anything in writing to any group in my govt. When shutting down the George Washington bridge, I simply whispered and it was done.


I wish Trump would follow his example–all kinds of weird ideas, but never follow through on any of them.

and Christie is one of the politicians that right wingers claim could “really get things done.” Their naivety/ignorance is dumbfounding.


His pledge was just raw meat for the RWNJ’s. He probably knows full well that the Governor of a state can’t carry out that threat, without ending up in an expensive and ultimately losing confrontation with the Feds.

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His letter to Obama falsely stated that the refugees resettlement was contrary to 8 U.S. Code § 1522, because the resettlement did not coordinate with or involve the state’s department of homeland security or local law enforcement. The code mentions nothing about those types of agencies.

But, the code does include a passage that is very relevant to what Christie was trying to do:

Assistance and services funded under this section shall be provided to refugees without regard to race, religion, nationality, sex, or political opinion.


Alternative headline: Lying Bully Fails to Keep Promise, Lies About It. He’s so pathetic right now, but that does not make me unhappy. He’s as big a turd as Trump, imho.

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A politician during election season that’s all talk and no action, I’m shocked I tell you!

As most typical bullies all mouth, Christie more than likely went home crying for Mommie rather than followup with anything he said because a few called him out for the blow hard he is.

"Yeah, I got enough moxie to slaughter innocent children thousands at a time when I become Commander in Chief.    Just watch me make these poor helpless women and children suffer..."