Discussion: Christie: Kerry Needs To 'Get Some Sleep And Shut Up' After Paris Comment (VIDEO)

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Because the best way to fight an enemy is to assume that he has no rationale for what he does, and there is no possible way to anticipate his next move.


Get some exercise and shut up yourself, you posturing fake-ass liar. Jeeze, what a week! Everyone’s turning up the crazy and the obnoxiousness in the hope some of that Trump magic will rub off on them. Unbelievable.


It’s time for someone to yell “Thar, he blows” and hit him with a harpoon.


This will go on for a while, Rs bashing anyone in the administration over terrorism because they know what will scare the heartland. But Christie is consistent in telling someone to shut up. Meanwhile back in NJ they don’t support him for president and they hate how he’s governed.


As one of the GOP pants wetters who are terrified of a 5 year old Syrian with a baloon, you may talk tough but you have no guts.


Sorry, but I pay Kerry to stay awake and speak up. I don’t pay Christie to do anything.


Sure. Because the best way to defeat one’s enemy is NOT to try to understand his motivations.

What an idiot. Supremely unqualified to wipe his own butt, let alone be a Governor or President.


Gov Kiddies Table says what about a real American?


have another jelly donut flab boy… low blood sugar can cause disorientation…

There’s Chrstie, talkin to the mirror, again.

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I can’t wait till Kerry announces a peace settlement in Syria … this is another big fat liar of the sort beloved by the delusional Tea Party. Talk tough but be very, very afraid of toddlers.

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He has a 4% chance of winning the nomination and he’ll be out of office in NJ in 2017, and he knows other than in a courtroom we’ll never see him again.


As a former US Attorney, Christie should surely understand the concept of motive. How could it be disgraceful for Kerry to say that there was an identifiable rationale (aka motive) for the Charlie Hebdo attack? In a first degree murder case you might be able to understand the rationale, the motive, for the murder. But nothing about that suggests that the motive makes the conduct in any way acceptable.

These guys on the right have become so continually unhinged. Their continual stream of bullshit, intentional misrepresentation, obtuseness, and disrespect for this administration - particularly in the foreign policy context - is beyond exhausting. At every turn they embarrass us by undermining and insulting the representatives of the United States. They need to just STFU already.


He’s about sixth in line to get the nomination (good luck with that) so I don’t think he’s at the kid’s table, but it’s a fact that he drops in and steals doughnuts from them before he goes on the main stage with the other soon-to-be losers.

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You, sir, won the internets today. Absolutely nailed it on all the “Me, too” Trump-emulation.

Is that a new word - Trumpulate?

Oh the definition possibilities… But enuf from me.


Technically he has <4% support and 0% chance of winning the nomination.


Such fucking class!


Depends what you use as a source. People who lay down money say 6% chance of winning the nomination against 46% for Rubio. They also predict a Democrat winning the general by 58%. If it’s all an illusion, I’ll stay with it for a while longer so I can sleep at night.

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I’m looking forward to the day this jackass drops off the face of the earth (figuratively, of course). The day he “suspends” his presidential campaign will be a good day for America. If it happens after his indictment, even better.