Discussion: Christian Bale Says He Felt 'Like A Bullfrog' While Portraying Dick Cheney

How about an evil bullfrog?

Bale is a phenomenal actor and I give him a lot of credit because I can’t even imagine getting myself into Cheney’s mindset for months on end to capture his true essence. Talk about dark and disturbing.


Bale once starved himself immensely to play the role for the film “The Machinist”, then immediately bulked up to play Batman. One admires the dedication he has to his craft.

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I’ve seen Vice. I can’t recommend it to anyone because it is deeply disturbing. “Lust for Power” doesn’t begin to cover it. The willingness to corrupt and distort in order to have power was chilling to watch. And not that the Cheney portrayed in the film had any morality, he didn’t. Even his last shred of decency, shielding his lesbian daughter, he gave up in the end. His only reason was power for more power.

That said, Bale was absolutely stunning in the role.

Sam Rockwell as W is the perfect foil.


Multiply that by a few thousand and you have today’s GOP. It’s their way or the highway. His fiendish younger daughter is following in daddy’s footsteps.

I saw Vice, too. Until I did, I hadn’t stopped to think about the poor, selfless schmuck who made the anonymous heart donation. That, for me, was more depressing than Bale’s perfect depiction of amorality.


Asked how he felt in Cheney’s body… Bale replied: “Like a bullfrog.”

Well, then, I wish that Cheney would croak already.


Nonetheless, it was a brilliant, very effective portrayal. Many kudos to Mr. Bale for this difficult, but important and memorable work.

Nice timing, today is the 13th anniversary of Cheney shooting a man at a hunting ranch, on a Saturday evening. No national media ran the story until Monday morning.

How ironic. We have another frog in office. (I love this Twitter meme)

Bale’s comment strikes me as ungenerous and offensive to toads everywhere.

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The thing I disliked about VICE was it tended to humanize Cheney too much.

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He’s terrific but that can’t be good for his health.