Discussion: Chris Christie: 'Nobody Cares' About The Next House Speaker

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In the highly unlikely event that Christie should ever become President, I wonder if he would care that he cannot get anything done when he has a dysfunctional Congress.


Dysfunctional and ugly–the GOP congressional caucus AND Chris Christie.


Sweet Jesus, get this ugly, repulsive, STOOPID scumbag off the political stage and send him back to Jersey.

"In the country, nobody cares who the speaker of the House is going to be. They don’t care. "

Guess what Krispy Kreme? They may very well care if the House completely disintegrates, the debt ceiling isn’t raised and America really and truly is treated like the Third World nation it’s become by the rest of the world. Say goodbye to what’s left of any of your investments (including, but not limited to, 401(k)'s).

Stoopid SOB.


Truly. Christie has never looked more like Mr. Creosote.


But Chris, it is not the Congress that has the muddy reputation; it is the GOP.


Whether nobody cares about it or not, fact is, a hole, it matters. Tree falling in the woods and all that.

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Christie? Christie who?




IMO - that is the death of Christie…no one cares. He must be speaking to Republicans, because most people I know that are not Republican know how dangerous the inablilty to run the House is to the country. Christie seems to not give a damn about anyone but himself.


Nobody Cares

Line of succession to the US Presidency:

  1. Vice President
  2. Speaker of the House of Representatives

Maybe you should be discouraging that attitude, Christie. It has to be at least as important as trying to get the endorsement of a mayor from another party.


His argument is bullcrap. Of course what matters is what the Speaker does. But who the Speaker is will obviously affect what the Speaker does. His little diatribe is pure rhetorical nonsense, and he knows it. He’s not arguing, he’s “emoting.”

As a political move, it’s probably a reasonably smart one, as it’s certainly true that this Congress has an abysmal approval rating from the public, including GOP voters. And it got Christie in the news for something other than Bridgegate. Not that it’s going to do him any good in the long run. He’s not going to be the nominee.


We need an emoji of a Crispie grabbing his crotch with the words, “Speak to this!”

Tell us more, Chris, about why you’re a proud member of the GOP.

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I’m 100% certain Chris Christie has NO understanding about the difference between the House and the Senate, or how a bill becomes a law, or even how many congresspeople are in the House. He’s only concerned with two things, the power and the grift.


Given his poll numbers, Christie should be an expert on nobody cares.


On what basis does this fat slob make this assessment?? He is only worried about where his next ham sandwich will come from.

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“Stuff happens”…