Discussion: Charlottesville Rally Organizer Drops Lawsuit Against City Over Event Refusal

So Tuesday on PBS (check your local listings) there will be Frontline episode on “Documenting Hate: Charlottesville.” I heard the reporter, who is also a ProPublica reporter, interviewed on NPR.


Pretty sure whatever the criteria are for refusing an event permit, this group’s request for this place meets them. Go ahead, nazi punks, have an event across from the White House, they love that shit there.


Wonder how long it will take for the White House event to turn into a street brawl?

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Charlottesville merchants now asking “What do we do with these truckloads of Tiki Torches now”?


Kessler is planning a similar event in Washington on Aug. 12, across from the White House.

In other words, a friendlier neighborhood (accent on hood).

It’s time they organize the First Annual Charlottesville Polynesia Days.
Come for the Mai Tais, Stay for the Zombies!™


why Jason Kessler agreed to his suit’s dismissal.

Possible reason: The City said “OK, but you’ll need to buy insurance”.

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Send them to DC.

So how many will show up for Kessler’s shindig in DC? I am assuming it will be on the National Mall, and will embarrass Trump again with low turn out.

I was thinking more along the lines of “Go right ahead, and do remember that after the last one we have probable cause to monitor all your communications.”


Hmmm…I predict that the counter protest turnout will be pretty good.

Something the reporter said was that in SF they ignored the march/rally and it fizzled. I’ve always thought we should try the ignore, but keep an eye on. I really wish that had happened starting 6/16/15.

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