Discussion: Charles Johnson Calls 'Bullshit' On Anyone Who Says He Didn't Pay For Accuser's Texts

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Hey dumbfuck. I’m not claiming that. I’m claiming they weren’t real.

Here’s a hint. You may be farther down on the GOPTard grifting chain than you think.


How can he be so sure that nobody else paid Fielder?


Hey, Paula Jones was also “paid for information”. Just because somebody is being paid to say what you want to hear doesn’t automatically mean it’s a lie!

For example (cha-ching), I am the love child of Ted Kennedy and Jane Fonda.


“I find the practice more honorable than paying them in the form of expensive dinners, access, or more intangible goods.”

The implication here is that hookers and blow are not honorable ways of paying for a vote buying story, and I find this remark personally offensive.


Has anyone asked Johnson where he got 2000 dollars to give to Fielder?


Nothing to see here folks. According to the RATS on the Supreme Court, money is free speech and speech is free speech. Charles Johnson is free to say and spend what he wishes.


On 8/6/1965 President Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act into law. Some sobering news rather than these jackasses still fighting the Civil War.


Might affect two of your side businesses,as well?

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"Charles Johnson, the feisty conservative journalist "

“A Meridian, Miss. resident who styles himself as a pastor”

So Johnson, he is a self proclaimed blogger that doesn’t work for any actual news organization, or any degrees in journalism, is a feisty journalist…but lets cast doubt on Fielder’s claims that he is a pastor??

Given the bizarre love story that TPM is developing for Johnson, why am I not surprised that he is being lionized as a “feisty journalist” while dispersions are being cast on his attacker.


This IS still the same site that wanted to beatify Breitbart after he made the world a better place by taking the dirt nap, right?


I think we can stop calling this guy a journalist. I know the word has little meaning any longer, but he is clearly not a journalist.


Well considering this guy is a moron, I wouldn’t take what he says at face value.


Exactly in the same vein…and its something that just staggers my brain.

This guy doesn’t even come close the horribly low bar that Breitbart set, yet some at TPM have locked on to him like he is the new messiah. If the Clarion-Ledger writes it…its questionable. If Johnson tweets about it, it suddenly is legitimate…and not a single question is even raised as to how much he is involved in manipulating this story.

I suspect down the road a bit, TPM is going to be quite embarrassed for trying to portray this guy as a legitimate journalist.


Lovely, lovely politics you got there, Mississippi. It goes along with your bottom or near-the-bottom rankings in just about every social indicator such as education, jobs, income, wealth, and health. You are a shining testament to power of right-wing racism and pathological ideology to destroy a state.


It is a stretch, given the comments that Fiedler has made, but I would love to find out that he was taking money from both sides … perfect comment on the political scene in Mississippi. Given the fact that the total IQ points of all involved is probably a negative, it’s not impossible.


How does a 12 year old grow that thick of a beard?


So, is Johnson admitting that he willingly suborned perjury?


I feel kinda bad for all those sorry saps that spent a small fortune to get a degree in journalism, when really all you need to do is post a comment or two on the internet, and presto! you’re a journalist.


How would Johnson know where Fielder didn’t get money?
Why couldn’t have Fielder been paid by both? He sounds like he was a grifter from the get-go.

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