Discussion: CBS Fires Lawyer Over Post On Lacking Sympathy For Vegas Shooting Victims

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With the big 5 giant MSM corporations, if you say anything anti-Republican you lose your job. If you say anything or make up lies about progressives, you get a promotion and defended as having your heart in the right place.

The right wing US main stream media has brain washed Americans to supporting politicians who hate the middle class - like Rump.


I doubt that this was about saying something anti-GOP. I’m confident it was really about the shocking tastelessness of the comment. However, it does raise questions about what is the line to be drawn by large companies like CBS in punishing employees who, in their personal social media accounts, say unpopular, crude or tasteless things. After all, this is a woman who did not have a public face for CBS; she didn’t appear on TV or act as a company spokesperson. I’m a little uncomfortable about companies firing someone in this situation, although obviously they have the legal right to do so. And what if she had expressed herself in a slightly more palatable manner–for example, instead of saying she had little sympathy, she had instead simply pointed out the irony? Would that also have been a firing offense?


If her personal FB page listed her employer then I can see CBS wanting to distance themselves from her.


Well… as a lawyer, she might, just might, have requested clarification of that portion of her employment contract before she signed.


Republicans are the ones stopping anything being done on gun control on automatic weapons that can kill 100 people in 30 seconds. This is a horrible thing that happened, but I think that we will be saying this more and more until something more is done to stop this senseless killing.


Yep…and guess whose stupid idiot face was plastered all over Faux News as the posterwoman for “the left” with respect to this shooting today. Guess.

It’s not enough to claim we’re smarter, people. You gotta live it too.


No thank you. You’re not taking away my fun of watching alt-right methbillies get themselves fired in response to public outcry. No way.


She sounds a bit more ACLUish to me and they could use her help.

Personally, I have no idea why people feel the urge to post such personal thoughts on such a huge public forum.
What good does it do. Really it usually does harm, to the poster.

There are lots of ways to vent. But a lawyer working for a major corporation like her should know better than to cross lines. I think she did and just couldn’t hold back any longer.

May she live a long life and fight hard for the left throughout it.


As my attorney wife always tells me, “Never post anything on social media that you might live to regret,” and, “Read what you’ve written at least three times before you hit send.” First Amendment rights are only applicable to the government taking action against you for engaging in protected speech. Private entities, like your employer, can pretty much do whatever the hell they want, as long as their actions are otherwise legal…


Seriously. On what basis did she oppose the Republicans? Their lack of compassion? Because if you can’t have a bit of fellow-feeling toward concertgoers being slaughtered by automatic rifle fire, if you won’t spare a thought for them because they might be Republican, then compassion may not be your own strong suit.


Geftman-Gold’s statements were misguided and unconscionable regardless of what she thought at the time. I too am angry that nothing has been done to limit these military and high power weapons to the military. Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, Orlando and many other violent scenes don’t register with our leaders as something that must be stopped. They are enthralled by the money and attention lavished upon them by the NRA and their masters in the gun manufacturing industry. Gun sales will go up after this latest incident as they did after Aurora and Columbine. It is a multi billion dollar industry so we’re screwed as usual.


her words are unfortunate and worthy of rebuke. but how does firing someone in this case promote substantive dialogue in how we react to horrific tragedies?

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Well she didn’t do that, did she.

Guess I’m with CBS on this one. It’s not about politics, it’s about decency.


You know there are those on the right wing who think the media companies are really hot beds of Democratic support. Those guys are hard core Republicans through and through.

That said, what the lawyer wrote was inappropriate. No one should wish harm to other human beings even if they are country music fans.


Exactly. Like all those cops, bitching BLM and that you should be legal to run them down with your car…

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From an employer point of view, also competence… "how come such stupid and impulsive person is a VP in our company? "


Does it have to? Really? Or does the firing just have to underscore that they expect a certain low bar of not-uncompassionate public behavior from their employees?


Even though all the evidence points toward her being exactly right and on the money, there is a world of difference between having an opinion and voicing that opinion.

Its too broad of a brush stroke for one thing and it pits her company against both sides.
Considering the current situation with the NFL and where its gone in a hurry, I’m thinking that any major org is going to err on the side of caution and just get rid of the potential problem.

With any luck, she’ll find a loophole and sue their corporate butts off.


ohCHRIST. She actually said that? This liberal democrat says she should have had her ass kicked all the way downtown before they fired her. Totally and inexcusably disgusting.