Discussion: CBO To Drop 'Repeal-And-Delay' Score As Senators Huddle On Capitol Hill

I’m sure the Turtle and his pals will be thrilled with the score. Dum dum dum…


Trump, who for days has said he favors such a plan, reversed course Wednesday himself and urged the Senate to repeal Obamacare and replace it with an alternate health care system simultaneously.

Well Mitch. I suppose you know who’ve you’ve taken up with? That’s Stick-at-naught Trumpy, that is. Though I’ve heard other names not so pretty.

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“Drop” in the headline to this article is the wrong word to use. I clicked expecting to read that the CBO decided not to score the Repeal Only strategy, at all. “Reveal” or “Issue” would be much better and less confusing. FWIW


You’re right, of course – drop can mean either abandon or release, so a different headline is necessary.

I started reading the bill to see what they were changing (I do tax for a living) and the immediate thing that jumped out me was the exclusion of all health insurance plans that cover abortions. I don’t see how that is constitutional first of all. Second, the party of life and less government intrusion doesn’t mind throwing 32 million people off health insurance plans, whether the individual is disabled or not, but insists on regulating the reproduction and health choices of women.


I can hardly wait!

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From bad to worse to worser to worserest to…

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Accidentally sent that before I finished - of course they are going to strip Planned parenthood and any non-profit providing family planning from qualifying as health care providers for insurance purpose. I have news for the male dummies - since you are also going to make maternity coverage by plans optional - it is going to be a lot cheaper to get an abortion than to have a child. Since neither are going to be covered by insurance, the choice is still up to us.


The GOP will attempt to abolish the CBO. They want a war, but it is not a war they will win.

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32 million lose insurance and premiums would double.


Per a Politico article (emphasis added):

Think about that for a minute.

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