Discussion: Carson Says Poll Numbers Are Falling Because People Realize He Has No Foreign Policy Experience (VIDEO)

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Gee…ya think so, Ben?


Of course the fact that Mr Honesty & Integrity turned out to be a compulsive liar had nothing to do with it. Well, confusing New Jersey and the Middle East might have been an issue…is that a foreign policy or just being a dumb-fuck…I lose track sometimes.

  Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson acknowledged his poll numbers are falling because "people feel that I don't have foreign policy experience" during an Monday interview on "Good Morning America."

What about his lack of coherent sentences on just about anything ? ? —


Hey, Ted Cruz directed a combat team once!!


Ah - no shit, Sherlock.

“and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is a retired Air Force colonel.”

Oh please. Graham was a freaking JAG. He never saw action, never would, and never commanded combat troops. If Rubio serving a few years on the Foreign Relations Committee qualifies as experience, then go with that for Graham; he has served on that Committee much longer than Rubio. Plus he is bestest buddies with Wet Start Johnny.

Carson’s numbers aren’t tumbling because of lack of experience; they are tumbling because of lack of knowledge. Its not that he didn’t serve besides doing drills with ROTC in HS, its because he doesn’t know which end is up and has shown repeatedly that he is entirely unable to learn anything in that arena.

Combine that with his consistent backing down every time he is confronted on any subject besides his own Christian testimonial, and it projects an image that is entirely unpalatable to the right wing. Plus, being Black doesn’t really help.


Carson still laments the day Lincoln had to shoot Robert E. Lee.


Also being a pathological liar and being so stupid that Republicans actually notice tends not to help.

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WTF America!?! Dr. Carson has more than 35 years of National Geographic magazines piled up in his reception area. In my book that makes him an expert on foreign policy, energy, environment, space exploration, history, and oceanography. He just may be overqualified.

Carson - too smart for America?


Well, that’s what they SAY but between you and me, when you aren’t paying attention it’s that ni(CLANG!) thing that they just can’t get over.


If it were just foreign policy experience, that wouldn’t be so bad. But he also has no knowledge of the military, of economics, of social policy, of geography, of environmental issues, of education, of energy policy, of agriculture, of veterans affairs, of labor policy, of commerce, of fiscal policy,…


Well, lack of foreign policy experience and being nuttier than squirrel poop. Hard to say which is the biggest factor.


It’s like the GOP rolls out the Larry Elders, Hermain Cains, and Allen Wests’ of the world to troll black people


Nawh, it’s the lack of any functioning brain at all! There, that’s the ticket.

Oh and Ben? Don’t let the door hit you in the azz on the way out, o.k.?


No duh, Ben. Ya think?

Perhaps, Dr. Carson, it’s because you think that the Palestinian people are lead by a tasty ground chickpea dish.


“Maybe Hillary”

Yeah, maybe.


“…if you look at all the people who are running, how many of them have had foreign policy experience?” Carson told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. “The answer is no, not, not many. Maybe Hillary.”

And that’s why Hillary is the favorite for foreign policy - with Republicans!


druid800: to be fair, uncle ben actually confused the middle east with east jersey.