Discussion: Carson Plans To Stay Above Trump's Fray And Also Avoid SNL

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Good gawd. Now he thinks he’s been invited to host SNL?

Doesn’t this delirious fuckwad know that if he makes an appearance it will be performed by Fred Armisen? The question then will be whether Fred can pull it off so that it’s distinctly different from his portrayal of New York Gov. David Paterson. Personally, I think he’s got the talent to do it.


Carson Plans To Stay Above Trump’s Fray And Also Avoid SNL

And Reality And Scary Black People


ALL YOu LIBtards STICK to YOUR love OF FALSe PROFIT TruMP wHILE carsON staYS above the FRAY and WILL disCUss Important POLICY TOPICs LIke HOW Hitler CREAted OHBUmmercare TO ENsLAVE the BLAcks . THANK GOODness REPublicaN ABE LINcoLN was ABLE to STOP this Nefarious PLAN.


Well, of course Carson doesn’t want to appear on SNL.

It starts 5 hours after his bedtime.


MORE respect DUMB LOOser. HE SURGERies ON BRAINS. BRAINS. and ONLY LOSt ONE sPONGE!11!!1!!one!1!!!


He never lost it. He gave it to the patient to illustrate a point. The patient didn’t go earn a paycheck so she could pay Carson for the sponge. No. She became enslaved by the handout and has been asking for more free stuff.


Slightly Off Topic:

Out of an overabundance of caution, I’m starting a GoFundMe page to insure that, in the event of a paralyzing flexor tendon injury, one of TPM’s most consistent hoots, Eustice, will be equipped with the most up-to-date voice-commanded shift-key technology available.

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" For a frame of reference, presidential candidates and presidents have appeared and/or hosted the sketch-comedy show since 1977. The first was Ralph Nader."

That’s not much of a frame nor hardly any reference. And Ralph Nader ran for president in 1977?

Josh had a good term for Carson, Chauncey Gardner-esque Ben Carson, in this article about Hillary’s testimony.

BTW I assume he means the Peter Sellers character in Being There not the football player!

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Actually, Sid McCrashcup did it too. On the eve of the election, no less.