Discussion: Carly Fiorina Rakes In $7M After Strong Debate Performances

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Rich sociopath CEO’s donate big bucks to another Rich Sociopath CEO who promises to make them richer.
News at 11.

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Rakes in $7M

She must have been fired from another CEO gig.

The only thing I want to know is how much of that money came from HP employees.

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This is clear evidence that the filthy rich and Wall Street banks are irresponsibility gambling with their money again…knowing that the odds are bad, short trading for influence not a long term investment in our country or political system.

It is as terrifying as it is comical that the national media considers Fiorina’s shrill parade of lies and distortions “two strong debate performances”. These amateur vaudeville turns would be destroyed overnight if delivered by any Democratic candidate of course, but in the low-expectation GOP universe, they are laudable! Unbelievable.