Discussion: Cantor's Conquerer: 'Nothing Hard Right' About My Resume

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“I ran on free markets… I don’t know that those are right or left.”

Well, he’s got the disingenuous part down pretty well.


“too much attention to Wall Street, and not enough attention to Main Street”

“I ran on free markets”

I’m stumped.


Yeah, and he left out that whole trickle-down shit he probably teaches in class.


really, why?

Let me give you some examples.

When Obama pushes through the export-import bank, he’s supporting wall street and opposing the free market.

When Obama gives taxpayer money to Solyndra, he’s supporting wall street and opposing the free market.

Still not getting it.


Not the same Brat who was an economic adviser to Governor Bob McDonnell; now on trial for 14 counts of fraud and corruption?


Your hero, Krugton worked for Enron. Hillary worked for walmart.

I suspect you didn’t.

OH! You’re trolling! Touche, well done!


“I ran on free markets,” he added later. “I don’t know that those are right or left.”

Yeah, as it happens, my college econ professor was a Republican. Nice guy, great teacher, learned a lot. I’m pretty sure he’d have a lot to say about the idea that

(a) “free markets” exist without enormous state involvement, both in the form of bookshelves full of regulation and (for the last century, at least) constant strategic intervention, and

(b) that the debate over just exactly how much and to what specific degree that intervention and regulation happened was anything other than political.

Look, this guy wants to run on a platform of beheading suspected immigrants, that’s his business. But I hope he’s not trying to sell his actual students this crap.


And the pivot towards the center starts already. Next week it will be a visit to DC to visit the Money Establishment to get that fat campaign cash and sell his soul.

So much for voting for something different. Welcome to Cantor v2 conservatives.

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Well, he does sort of look like a goyishe version of Cantor.

In the short interview I heard, he was humbly (in fact he oh-so-humbly mentioned twice how “humbled” he was…) crediting God for his victory.

I believe claiming Divine Right counts as hard right.

Or a least pre-Enlightenment.


The Export Import bank has been in existence since 1934. That’s some trick that Obama got it created back then…BEFORE HE WAS BORN!

The stock exchanges…ie, Wall Street…are the closest things the world has seen to truly free markets. So saying you are pro free market and anti Wall Street is circle babble.


WSJ says he writes monographs about his dreamgirl, Ayn Rand. I don’t know if that’s far right or extreme right.

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Hey, he’s running away from Tea Party already. Well, everyone knows that the people most screwed by the Tea Party are the rank-and-file tea partiers themselves. Well, it’s America, so no wonder, I guess.

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You’re pushing a very large boulder uphill with that one. I guess it explains your edginess.


Everyone do a shot!

Pssst, you do know that the Bush administration pushed like hell to get the Solyndra loan guarantee approved before they left office, and the some of the biggest and earliest investors were, Madrone Capital Partners, which is funded by the family that started Wal-Mart, the Waltons who have donated millions of dollars to Republican candidates over the years, yes?


I know I shouldn’t reply to trolls trying to desperately change the subject like this, but you do realize that what got us out of the Great Depression was the largest public works project inhuman history (aka World War II) in which we deficit spent to the tune of 122% of GDP, yes?