Discussion: Cantor Mailer Attacks 'Amnesty' For 'Illegal Aliens'

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Dig that hole deeper you little weasel…We want you out of congress!


Oh by all means - block it for those immigrants here illegally who are serving or have served in the military… especially those who were led to believe that this path to citizenship was actually going to be open for them - and especially for those who may have been wounded in their service to this country - because hey - they got paid - what makes them think they should get to be citizens … just because they put their life on the line?
Oh Cantor you are looking hideous!

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Teabagger Brat is breathing down his neck and Eric has become accustomed to that seat for his lazy ass.


Keep beating that “No amnesty for illegals” drum!
Yes siree, Billy Bob.
Hoobdey-doob-doop derpedy diddley bop.

You mean to say that Americans are against amnesty. I wish some Democrats from poor/minority districts were grilled on this issue.

Did not Saint Ronnie sign an amnesty bill?

He’s a real high-road kinda guy, ain’t he?