Discussion: Canceled Right Wing Rally Does Little To Stem San Francisco Fears

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And don’t let the door hit ya where Uranus split ya! We’ve got enough problems with tech bros, economic disparity, and racist cops to be dealing with Nazi assholes.

This is the exact clown I saw last week praising kkk, etc., at Trump Towers!

However, she said she “alone” would still show up Sunday.

I have a feeling she was going to be alone anyway and just wrote this to make herself look martyred.

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Turd Reich: San Francisco dog owners lay minefield of poo for rightwing rally

‘I just had this image of alt-right people stomping around in the poop,’ says the organizer of an unusual protest ahead of Saturday’s Patriot Prayer rally

@littlegirlblue - Did you see this? Well-played. Haven’t laughed so much since we mooned the Klan in Austin.

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now THAT is funny right there. using my best Larry the Cable Guy Voice

I did not see this, but it’s a great idea. Tons of dog walkers use Crissy Field so the good people will have endless resources. BTW the Presidio YMCA is within walking distance of Crissy Field and they announced they’d be closed on Saturday out of concern for the safety of its members.

The call for a Patriot Prayer Rally on Crissy Field is a dangerous affront to community safety. Crissy Field lies on sacred burial grounds of our First People and is surrounded by landmarks, such as Fort Mason and the San Francisco National Cemetery, which symbolize liberty and freedom.

“Tuffy Tuffington”

“Tune into the love frequency”

only in San Francisco.

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