Discussion: Cameron Demands Russia Cease Support For Rebels in Ukraine

Discussion for article #225301

It is amazing how western leaders and news media gloss over the interferences of western powers in the affairs of other nations and on the other hand play up the interferences of Russia and/or China.

Western interferences are always cloaked as humanitarian in nature though most times they are done at the behest of big multinational corporations or religious fundamentalists. While the China and/or Russia are always for domination. Forgetting that most of the colonial domination of other nations in the recent past were all committed western powers.

The hypocrisy will a lot easy to swallow if at least when the excuses of the western powers are exposed; and for them to be acknowledge and proper apologies rendered. No - we are yet to get their apologies for the Iraqi debacle and we have not seen any of the purveyors of that war turned over to the Hague for prosecution yet. Recall that the western powers were quick to get their hands on other leaders in developing countries and put them on trial and convicted.

The world will start on the path to a better place if international institutions are truly independent and fairly balanced to call out any country/person that contravenes any international laws. But sadly, there are hardly any organizations of such nature including the United Nations.