Discussion: Bush: Kasich Didn't 'Take A Stand Against Obamacare' (VIDEO)

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C’mon Jeb! He did a shell game you should appreciate. Kaysick expanded Medicaid to get $13 billion returned from Washington immediately, with much more in the following years, with the goal of eliminating the progressive Ohio income tax. That would reduce the tax of his wealthy donors. Then he wrapped it up as a moderate gift with a WWJD bow.

Don’t get anyone to call him on it, he will get testy, Just ask the participants in a Koch Bros meet the candidates confab about a year ago. (There is a reason he is no longer invited to the local meetings in Columbus OH)


Jeb, Babs on line 1, Babs on line 1.


Bush: Kasich Didn’t ‘Take A Stand Against Obamacare’
Thus proving to America he is a least the one Republican candidate who can do math and is not a pandering asshole and completely fucking nuts.

Oh yeah BTW he beat your ass


I know a kid who hated baseball, but played because his dad and brothers played. He was good enough to be selected to all-star teams, but his heart was never in it. He looks back on it and feels like he wasted a lot of time doing things his family liked, but that he never enjoyed.


Number 4 complaining about number 2. Jeb!, you’ve got ideas and you have money. Where are your voters?

…and he’s mean. And my Mamma’ doesn’t like him. And …and he’s from Ohio. And …his name is ‘Kasich’?


An actual ‘bush’ in any yard is more charismatic and electable than “the smart Bush” Jeb. Gawwd’…go away.


Yes! We must prevent poor people from having health insurance. Better that hospitals go broke treating poor people then we cave into Obamacare!


No butter, but sprinkle some of that cheese stuff on my popcorn. I’m lovin’ this!


What is it like to be a member of a prominent, politically successful family, having at one point enjoyed an important position of power, and then find your own voice steadily diminishing until it can’t be heard even over the rustle of the softest breeze?


That’s right! More governors should be winners, like Phil Bryant of Mississippi, or Bobby Jindal of Louisiana!

And there it is…wondered how long that would take.

No, he is all of those things. He looks reasonable, but he’s a social nut job.

I’ve always wondered about the third Manning brother. Eli and Peyton along with dad Archie and the third son. I’m curious what he does for a living, but whatever, good on him for going his own way.


So it looks like Christie is out and Robotio is on the ropes. Which means the establishment hopes are now on Jeb and Kasich. Kasich and Jeb, it’s going to be the world’s most boring pie fight.

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Maybe because he’s not a stupid as the rest of you? Don’t know, but like guns, gays and god, it’s certainly become a litmus test/touchstone for these idiots.

I was in shock last night as the village idiots on NPR talked about how important it was for Jeb that Shrub is going to be campaigning for him in SC! Are you kidding? You can simply pass that on without remarking that his brother left office with one of the lowest ratings ever, that he had started two unnecessary wars and helped ruin the economy?

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Whatever Kasich motivation was More Ohioans have health care. This is another reason Not to vote for Bush. Just saying the name makes me nauseous.


I know I shouldn’t be shocked anymore, but I still am. A major-party candidate for president is saying that he should be elected because he did everything he could do to keep Americans from getting health care. That’s just… amazing.

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I know for a fact that, Jeb pees sitting down…

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Or it’s an act of desperation.