Discussion: Bryant Gumbel Blasts NRA 'Pigs': 'They Don't Care About Human Life'

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Stop using weasel words and tell us what you really think.

Just kidding of course… Sounds like he hates them almost as much as I do.


I think they’re pigs. I think they don’t care about human life. I think they are a curse upon the American landscape. So we got that on the record.

I agree but my opinion has nothing to do with hunting.


He said that the segment on his show was “my first experience around killing and guns and hunting.”

Same here.

I don’t hunt anymore, but thats more my age, eyesight and moving to town.I still have a few guns that I’m very fond of.

I hate the NRA because they stand in the way of reasonable controls, like banning 100 round crowd-killer magazines. I’m sorry, but unless you are a bank robber or avid theater-going madman, you just don’t need them.(there are lots of other reasonable controls I support, that is just a time-saving example)


The people who are against the NRA do not vote nearly to the same extent as those who are for the NRA. There is a substantial gap in emotion on both sides of this so-called “debate”.

Moreover, those who against the NRA who are actually emotionally charged tend to attach more importance to rallies and emotive appeals on emails and such than actually voting the NRA’s supporters out of office.

Finally, those against the NRA predominate in precisely those segments of the population for whom the apex of “political activity” means "coming out every four years to vote for President.

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Uh-oh…get ready for the hoardes of flying monkeys and a retraction to follow suit after the death threats to him and his family from the pro-gun ammosexuals

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Unfortunately, the people who make public policy agree with the NRA’s official policy that no-one should be required more than one clip per classroom. That, of course, is not an endorsement from any of them for smaller classrooms–they don’t want to be seen as irresponsible. Being the responsible people they are, they believe that everyone should be able to slaughter an entire classroom of children, along with the teachers and assistants, without the burden of reloading.

On another note, I’ve always found it funny how the word ‘regulated’ appears in the Second Amendment, but the word ‘gun’ does not.


Maybe folks who aren’t NRA-devotees have other priorities in life and can’t spend all their waking hours polishing ammunition and fondling their magazines.

I fear so as well. And from legitimate sports folks who are hunters and not the people Gumbel describes, because he’ll be widely misquoted.

Why “sports folks” includes hunters, I’ll never understand.

Hunting will only be a sport when the “huntee” has the same skill level and equipment that the killers (I mean hunters, of course) have.

Hunting is a repugnant blood letting that civilized human beings refuse to participate in. Which explains why it’s so big with Republicans and Southern hillbillies.


Full disclosure, ‘I love Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel’… now I love Bryant Gumbel.

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Bryant Gumbel just got a new fan!!

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One of those things is Katie Couric.

I’ve never been especially impressed with Bryant Gumbel and have read that he (because of ego) is difficult to work with. Nevertheless, I say “Bravo, Bryant.”

Well said, Mr Gumbel, well said.

Oh, Mr. Gumbel, be prepared for the deluge of vileness headed in your direction. Also, be safe.

Exactly. When the Connecticut General Assembly was considering mild changes to gun laws in CT in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre, the Capitol was overwhelmed with thousands protesting against those mild changes.

Not so much with those supporting them.

Even though the overwhelming majority supported those mild changes.

The gun fondlers in CT were organized, loud, and made their point.

Including those supporters who insisted that the entire event never happened and was a set-up, just like the moon landing.

I will be amazed to see how this all goes away in 2017 when that [whatever] man is no longer in the White House. This whole movement became virulent with the 2008 election and won’t go away before and until the next Inauguration.

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