Discussion: British Authorities Identify Suspected Manchester Suicide Bomber

No winners in this game.



And no doubt drumpf is pissed that this didn’t happen on American soil where he could fully exploit it. Such a tragedy for the victims in Manchester.

The man’s name was Salman Abedi. That means that Radical Islamic Terrorism was involved. That being the case, the so-called President must utter those very words within 24 hours or the terrorists win and civilization as we know it will come to an end.

Never mind. I think that last thing happened on January 20.


I stubbed my right big toe last week, really really bad, and ISIL took credit.

Like Donnie & Co…they thrive on ratings. Start ignoring them unless there is concrete evidence, even then don’t highlight ISIL’s very existence.

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But he’s shouting to the crowd while standing next to Netanyahu, “I never said the word ‘Israel’. Never said it. They’re saying I did, so that’s another untrue story. Never said that word.”

The fact that NO ONE suggested he said “Israel” is irrelevant to him and to his followers. The fact that he betrayed a trusted source doesn’t matter to them, either. Bibi said our intel alliance is strong. So, I guess those two stalwart honest guys, Donnie and Bibi, are A-OK. Good to know.


I wonder, does Mr. Trump wonder, if Salman Abedi was Sunni or Shiite?

A U.S. official confirmed the identity

The Brits are the new Israelis in the burned by blabby Trumper category…

That was one of my first thoughts. He was probably disappointed it didn’t happen here.