Discussion: Brit Hume Shares His Thoughts On 'Attractive-Looking Blond Anchorwomen'

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Who gives a shit what she looks like? Is that some sort of credibility criteria for Btit, or Fox?


He is right though. i would totally let her eat crackers in my bed.

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and she rolls her eyes and shakes her head in disbelief at all the correct moments.
totally professional reporter. and she’s a piece too. a perfect fox barbie.

Wow …a Toofer! First he praised her looks then condemned other good looking women for being weak. Kelly is not like that in his eyes…she’s hot and she’s smart. The others…just hot.

I hope this man is married. If not he’s never going to get laid again.


Someone needs to be gelded.

Huh. If this came out of the mouth of anyone on the Left, it’d roundly denounced by the Repubs. From Hume, it’s just the highest form of praise.

That’s his point, she can dump the fox bs into all the beds of their dumb male viewers for them to roll around in and get covered with.

“Attractive-looking blond anchorwomen are not rare,” Hume told the New York Times

Indeed. On Fox News they are a dime a dozen. It seems to be written into the job description.

Brit’s a musty old misogynist, but he does have a point…

in real world speak …she’s a nice lookin blonde peice of azz who will tow the line and not make waves

Is that the picture Hume’s wife found in his underwear drawer ?

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Seemed like a nice compliment – he was saying she’s better than anchorman who are only good-looking.

Hume has the look of a stalker, I bet he has hidden perverted ways.