Discussion: Bridget Kelly, Bill Baroni Seek New Trials After Bridgegate Convictions

Gosh, another poorly written article! How about even one sentence about their grounds for a new trial? We are left hanging…arrghh!


Are they willing to roll over on Christie yet?

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They truly believe because they are white and Republicans that they are above any convictions. I know these types of people.


Actually, what it needed was a sentence that explained this is a standard post-trial motion necessary to preserve certain issues for appeal and, in most jurisdictions, that tolls the time in which an appeal must be taken.

Everyone with subject matter expertise must endure the pain of reading/listening to the press portray things that are inconsequential as big fucking deals, whether because they don’t know any better or they do but know most people don’t. If you’re a lawyer who also has a background in system administration, the reporting on the Scandalous Clinton Email Server and Cloud and Shadow Generator was painful in real time but feels like death agony now.


I had a friend who observed, many years ago, that every time, and I do mean every time, the Washington Post printed an article that involved something about which he had personal knowledge, the Post got some material aspect of the story wrong - either the raw facts, or the import of those facts. This led him to mistrust pretty much everything he read, and for damn good reason.

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Why would they need new trials when Trump will pardon them?


Every time I have been on the inside of events reported in the press, and even though I’m unimportant, that’s happened a few times, the reporting has been wrong, misguided, banal, or just eye-rollingly ignorant.

The press, always, in every case, provides, and is only capable of providing, a highly distorted picture of what’s really going on. Sometimes, they’re reporting on a Japanese shadow puppet show as if the puppets were real people. Often times, they’re like stone age tribesmen trying to explain internal combustion engines to other tribesmen. A lot of the time, it’s like they dropped a hit of acid and then reported what they saw in a fun house mirror. Every single press report about a thing not happening in real time has to be read or listened to through this filter. And yet, if what the press says slots neatly into someone’s confirmation bias filter, they take it as gospel truth every time.


This is a pro-forma defense tactic that won’t fly. There aren’t any grounds.

Next up, appeals!

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Yes, yes yes, I well know that and gave you a thumbs up.

But, I still maintain the writer’s failure to address even a bare-bones explanation defies common sense and good journalistic practice.

It is now time for Christie to be indicted!

Makes you wonder why Christie suddenly got replaced on the transition team by Pence. Do they know something. The Trumpies are obviously trying their best to make the Trump U case go away, but so far, Curiel isn’t having any.

If Virginia’s ex-gov could get off for no cause they feel hope.

Again, I have to ask who’s paying their legal bills?


Great pictures. They scream “What conviction, let’s party all ya’ll”

Sometimes, editors who think they know more than the reporter on the subject, put in the errors the reporter forgot to include in the story :facepunch:

ncsteve unskews the legal reporting once again

I’m sure that the answer is a 4 letter word that begins with “K”…

Maybe the reporter doesn’t have that info yet, Dinky.

Distorted is the wrong word. Incomplete is more accurate.

Your comment “every time” is as inaccurate and incomplete.

Are you kidding? They want new trials because Fuhrer 2PP will direct Gauleiter Christie to Let Them Go.