Discussion: Booker Refutes Claim Biden's Segregationist Remark Was Taken Out Of Context

Booker is Gillibranding himself.



You’re reaching, Corey. It’s a shame to go this route when you don’t even have a chance.


I don’t really see it that way. I doubt Booker will go very far in the primaries (he’ll probably do only slightly better than Gillibrand who is not likely to get any votes). That said, someone needs to expose Biden as the gaffe machine he really is.

People think he’s a strong candidate because he’s polling so well right now. In reality, he’s incredibly vulnerable simply because he’s very bad at campaigning. If he were to get the nomination, he’d likely be the next Hillary Clinton if not the next Walter Mondale.


That might be valuable…if that was the argument Booker was actually making.


And no African American people in Congress EVER reach across the aisle to work with with segregationists/bigots, right, Cory? Please, just shut up and campaign on ISSUES, not “Get Joe !!!”


Admitting that being bipartisan means sometimes having to work with people with whom one vehemently opposes, in this case segregationists/bigots, is a gaffe? No, I don’t feel that it is.


Rev Sharpton, Booker, DeBlasio, others say that Biden shouldn’t be talking to segregationists and do not know the ramification of the term “boy” to black folk. Not necessarily a Biden lover, but I disagree.

With regard to dealing with segregationists, in Congress, as in business or any ‘people project’, you have to dance, cajole, and compromise with your peers to get anything done. Even segregationists.

Biden is surely aware of the pejorative term of ‘boy’ to blacks. It is also a pejorative term to whites (unless used as an obvious term of endearment among same-race (black and white) familiars). But the term ‘son’ is also a condescending term. I believe Biden was merely differentiating between a condenscending term (son) and a demeaning term (boy) among white folk. And was over-extending to “well, at least he didn’t call me boy”.

But I am probably being over analytical.


Booker only reaches across the aisle when Big Pharma tells him to.

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Booker is wasting his political capital over something that is historic fact. The party changed from the Dixiecrats to civil rights with LBJ’s heroic leadership. What is the point of suggesting Biden fought it when he didn’t?

I would rather hear this very competent, attractive younger candidate talking about what he’s going to do to move forward on the ERA, Voting Rights/gerrymandering issues and environmental protections. Let it go, Booker. Concentrate on what can be done to further race relations in this nation. Younger voters want to see action taken against underemployment and police brutality against minorities.


I find that both DeBlasio and poker overreacted. Now, that Biden needs to be corrected he does, but media has gone way overboard with that story without even mentioning the Orange’s comments about Central Park 5. Oh, he thinks (still) that they are guilty.


How many questions will we get into the “debate” this week until this comes up? Shall we start a pool?


I cannot in good conscience, vote for someone that didn’t see or like The Defiant Ones . /s but :roll_eyes:

if you’re ‘splainin’ you’re losin’.

Is everyone, like me, sick to death of this story? Not like there isn’t more important issues to discuss – like whether we’ll still have a democracy after the 2020 election.
I don’t carry a brief for Biden, but he would be a caretaker POTUS and that wouldn’t be all that bad.
Almost any one of the current bunch would be vastly better than this disaster in there now.


No actual bipartisanship is involved in Biden’s story—the segregationist in question was a Democrat.


In a normal year, you would have a valid point. We are not living in normal times. I can imagine a Biden Warren slate. The VP debates would feature Dense Pence vs the Harvard Prof.

The Presidential debates would be another treat. All Biden would need to do, is to do what he did with Paul Ryan. Just laugh him off there stage, or better yet just cough.

Gaffes are when you unintentionally tell an inconvenient truth, I’m not sure this was unintentional. Biden just might be poaching Trump voters.


That’s a verb I didn’t know. I guess it means “having the temerity to question an old white dude, and being shat on by a bunch of soi-disant progressives as a result?”

Learn something new every day!


Pick your fights when you can. Or as Trump’s producer would say, “make it land.”