Discussion: Blackout Hits Northern Puerto Rico In Setback To Restore Power After Maria

Reminds me that it took Katrina for many folks to realize Bush was incompetent, but sadly, especially for Puerto Rico, most Americans really don’t give a shit about them.
There would probably have been white folks marching in DC months ago with pitchforks if Donald let Houston linger this fucking long…


CNN, MSNBC and even Fox should have a 24/7 Chyron running showing number of days and percent of Puerto Ricans without power. Nothing would do more to shame the Federal Government into more action. It would drive Trump crazy.

Day 146 and 57% of Puerto Ricans remain without power.

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Powerless Puerto Ricans should move to Red States, where they could have a whole lot of power, both electrically and politically…

Let’s send Pence down there to stare real hard at the power lines.