Discussion: Black Caucus Tears Into Trump After Birther Debacle: He's 'Deplorable'

Sad but true.


Between Trump’s stupendous black outreach in Detroit and Flint Michigan, where he dissed the pastor, and his no-apology, no-explanation birther non-press conference, I believe he has lost many of the few black votes he had. I would be surprised if 5% of the black vote went Trump. And there will be further insults to come.

(now, will the media proclaim this “a really bad week” for Trump or Hillary? I think we know the answer to that)


I’m more and more convinced that Hillary’s deplorables comment was neither an accident nor a mistake.

Because it sure does describe the events of the past day or so pretty darned well. And thus well repeated — it’s now an active part of the conversation.


Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY) called Trump’s Friday comments about the birther movement “deplorable.”

Finally, it starts to resonate…


Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY) called Trump’s Friday comments about the birther movement “deplorable.”

Now Representative Meeks needs to send the Drumpf campaign a $1 royalty check for the use of the word deplorable, since Donnie owns it.


Jackson Lee is from Tx.


As Tropical Storm Julia continues to batter the beleaguered Clinton Campaign, dark storm clouds of controversy are swirling around why Secretary Hillary started the birther movement, while her campaign team plunges further into deep despair…


DT will only tweet tonight that members of the Black Caucus are losers and nothing they have to say is worthwhile.

Everyone seems to think that DT’s detractors are having an impact on his electability. I have not seen one iota of evidence that anything anyone has said negatively about DT has made any impact with prospective voters. As it is now, and I know Josh has said not to freak out too much, DT is leading nationally.

This is not our fathers’ election. The rules we’ve lived by for years no longer matter. Civility is out the window, along with truth. DT is allowed to say whatever he wants, with no regard for truth or accuracy, and he wins more support when he should’ve been relegated to the dustbin months ago. And people are thrilled to be supporting him because ‘he says what I’m thinking’.

I guess we’ll have to wait until next week’s numbers. The only poll that ultimately counts is the one on 8 November, but this whole thing is starting to get real.


Well put. Very well put.

It’s about denying all African-Americans pride in the historic achievement of Barack Obama and the entire civil rights movement.

Donald Trump is worse than a racist or bigot. He’s indifferent, dead inside, incapable of feeling any empathy or joy for others.


Deplorable Trump is the leader of the basket of deplorables, and it’s a very, very large basket.


Good for them. This is how you deal with Trump - not by pussyfooting around the obvious,


May this curtain going down be the sign of the impending callapse of the deplorable Trump campaign.


Birtherism became the KKK’s new form of lynching thru the GOP proxy.

The GOP is the KKK’s strong-arm in Congress.


This Trump mock cap is extremely ambiguous, it could be interpreted in many PRO/CON ways.

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The CBC put the nail in the coffin. They know how to deal with DJT. No more “nice guy” stuff. He needs to be confronted and conquered now. He needs to be put away and fast. Do not walk, do not jog, RUN to the polls to vote for HRC.


The only thing we know for sure is that this is good for John McCain.


“howl of wolves.”

First, we have much more integrity than Birthers. We do not demean others for the color of their coat. We respect earned authority. We don’t lie.


Trump may think he’s the fresh wind this country needs, but once again proves to be nothing more than a sulphuric plume rising from the depths. The stink will pass in time, but this day won’t be forgotten: the day he disgraced himself, his country, the office of the Presidency, and the thoroughly honorable man who occupies it.

Here’s the clip of the CBC presser. Share it widely.


This is a man who denied people housing based on their race. It may have been 40 years ago or so, but he’s never expressed sorrow or regret, as far as I know.

People sometimes change, but he hasn’t. I can’t get past that. For me, that’s automatically disqualifying. Someone like that simply cannot govern for all the people.