Discussion: Bill Clinton Says Bernie Sanders Lives In A 'Hermetically Sealed Box'

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Everyone should read that CNN report on Bernie’s fundraising, especially those who complain that Bernie isn’t a Democrat. Turns out that Sanders speaks at fundraising events for the DSCC where fat cats write big checks. In addition, he gets help from the party for his campaigns. Gasp! It also turns out that he’s a politician and breathes air.


These arguments that it’s “sexist” to not vote for Hillary because she’s a woman are totally bogus.

You don’t (or at least shouldn’t) vote for WHAT someone is, but rather WHO they are.

Elizabeth Warren, I believe, would be doing just fine among liberal voters, had she chosen to run.


Sounds like Bill just saw some bad poll numbers.

Seriously, Bill is likely to do more harm than good to HRC’s campaign when he gets like this. Remember South Carolina in '08?


Bill, I love you dearly, but if your using blogs to support your argument, you’ve already lost.


Bill, you’re not helping. If you want to aid your wife, focus on her strengths in public, shore up her weaknesses in private, and leave the overt Sanders criticisms to others.


Hill and Bill just don’t know what to do with a guy that tells the truth - and calls them out.

Now Clinton says she’ll release the transcripts if “everyone else in the race does” to paraphrase. But the others are Republican and they’re not claiming they’re going to crack down on Wall Street. They ARE Wall Street.

What a joke.

If Sanders wins by close to 15, which appears possible, they’re going to be sweating bullets, and the more they attack him, the worse it will be for them.


This reminds me a little of his “fairy tale” speech about Barack Obama back in 2008. “We know better”…that’s sort of the gist. And anyone who supports our opposition is “disloyal, stupid, sexist, etc…” It’s sloppy. It’s not Bill Clinton at his best. When the Clintons go ugly, it’s ugly on them much more than the other person. There is a more artful way of doing what they are trying to do…and I don’t think that the campaign has found A. the right person to do this or B. the right tone. It is all about the tone and the messenger. I think they are flummoxed by Bernie, just as they were by Obama…they don’t get his appeal, so they don’t know how to counteract it.

Bill has lost a bit of his luster. He’s finally made it. He’s a real member of the elite now, wealthy, head of an international foundation. It doesn’t feel like he has the fire in his belly anymore. He doesn’t seem to need or want to be out campaigning amongst regular people anymore. And while in 2008, I got the sense that he really hoped his wife wouldn’t win, now, his head just seems to be elsewhere.

The female Senators and Gloria Steinem, who gave speeches over the last few days deriding female supporters of Sanders, were equally tone deaf. This is not how you win votes, ladies. Women are able to make up their own minds. If you are trying to promote a pro-female message, this is not the way. You are embodying many negative stereotypes of feminists…sure you are frustrated, but why not try to figure out why women are supporting Sanders and not Clinton.

Yes, Hillary has been the subject of vile sexist attacks. We see it. Welcome to being a woman. I have been subjected to sexist (many vile too) attacks throughout my career as well. It sucks, but you learn to deal with it. You speak out when you can, but for the most part, you try to find a graceful way of handling it and you do the work. And you try to make things a little easier for the women who follow you. I actually think that the way Obama has handled racist attacks against him has been artful and graceful and it has moved things forward in many ways. Hillary would do well to study this.


Hillary’s message: “No we can’t. No we can’t. No we can’t.”

A real winner.


From the CNN story: “Nobody was more surprised that Bernie was there than the donors were,”

I think it is pretty clear that Sanders gets the Unruh rule. We will see if Hillary does.

Bernie did those events because he supported the team. Running on his own, he does things differently.


President Bill Clinton slammed Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) focus on big banks and the economy

Like Bill Clinton hasn’t focused on shoving $153,000,000 million into his bank account from the banks and special interests.


What he means is that Sanders isn’t Rubin’s chump.


Exactly. But if you ever have anything remotely serious to contribute, I’ll read it.


Wow. Their internal numbers must be bombing, shades of 2008. Except Bill no longer has the energy, insight or creativity to grab attention and move voters.
Ah, the smell of desperation in the morning. They must be feeling the Bern.


The system is rigged against you by the big banks, and both parties are in the thrall of the big banks. Anybody who takes money from Goldman Sachs couldn’t possibly be president.

My younger self found it more plausible in 1992 that Democrats can’t win by making enemies of Wall Street. I think what’s changed my mind in the interim was having to bail out those same banks whose market crash cost me $100,000 worth of home equity, and being told by the “responsible” people to be a grownup about moral hazard.


Sounds like All Politicians Matter then?

Because politics has absolutely no history of male gender privilege, right?

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We meet again. Pls put me on ignore. It will make your day more pleasant.

We disagree. I should be more serious, but these people stretch credulity. She chose David Brock, self-admitted liar who smeared Anita Hill (isn’t that a felony to give false testimony to congress?) to head her Super-Pac.

And she claims to support women? Not to mention her attacking Bill’s accusers. As someone said on Joe this morning - women who don’t support powerful women should go to hell, but it’s okay to smear the weak.

Would you care to defend David Brock?

(ps: is this serious enough, or do you wish to dismiss Brock, Albright and Steinem, too?)


Bill Clinton, another Iraq War supporter, actually put millions of African Americans in real boxes with his draconian racist drug laws.

I wish he and his wife would take their millions and go away.

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Bill and Jebbie sound an awful lot alike, and are making similar impressions to the public seems to me. Both are there, but as prehistoric fossils, still talking and walking, but easily discounted and ignored. Neither one is really all there anymore, too much money, that’s more fun than politics eventually.

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That’s not what this is about. Yes, there is a history of white male privilege, but that doesn’t mean that when someone comes along who happens to be a female or a minority, you “have” to vote for them because of that demographic.

That’s something Republicans do: choosing token female, black and other minority candidates as “evidence” of their inclusiveness, despite the party having policies which negatively impact those groups.

I voted for Obama because of his positions. I really couldn’t have cared less about his background, upbringing or racial mix.

And that’s how it should be. I don’t care that Hillary is a woman, if her positions matched what people wanted, in comparison to her competition, then she would get the liberal support.

To insinuate that she’s female, so women “have” to vote for her is a step backwards for gender equality.