Discussion: Big Win For Gun Control Groups: Target Bans Guns In Its Stores

Dear Mr. Mulligan - you must be joking right? Nuanced? Complex? Complicated? WTF? You needed to smack these idiots down hard. I’m still not gonna shop at Target.

LMAO! So true, so true.

I signed several petitions concerning this issue for MomsDemandAction.org. I get updates on what’s going on as well. This is one subject that I’m very passionate about, being a victim of domestic gun violence myself. I will officially join them. They are brave souls fighting this madness of senseless shootings and the NRA’s disgusting lobbying and lies. You don’t mess with a mother’s children. They will die for them, as I almost had to do.


How is respectfully requesting “that guests not bring firearms to Target” the same as banning guns from their stores? I guess a title that reads “Target Respectfully Requests Guests Not Bring Firearms Into Their Stores” is too long.

My “woman parts” generally don’t kill people and in fact, produced two children. You can’t equate owning a gun with a body part. I don’t think any business is going to freak out because I brought my vagina and womb with me. I can understand why you would make that connection though, seeing as how your gun is a penis enlarger for you. Sorry, but you’re still on the wrong track.


That’s right. The moment that your “liberty” crosses into someone else’s then your rights and liberty no longer count. Personal liberty, as they call it, does NOT extend into other people’s personal liberty. In other words, for the comprehension impaired, you live in a society with many others and you can’t claim something that infringes on the rights of others, to be acceptable as your personal liberty. You have to abide by the laws of the society that you live in and you have to respect the personal liberties of everyone else. Simple.

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it was shortened so that Fools like you might be able to better grasp the concept.

This author did a really lousy job of fact checking. Target did NOT BAN GUNS. Molly Snyder, a Target spokeswoman in Minneapolis told the Minneapolis Star Tribune in no uncertain terms that this was not a ban; that guns would not be prohibited. This is irresponsible reporting at best. Please check out a real news story. www.startribune.com/business/265535731.html

Foolmemore, you’re absolutely right. This is irresponsible reporting. It’s irritating because some people are too stupid to recognize the difference. I’m pointing no fingers, but Sooner seems to be one of those people for whom accuracy and facts mean nothing.

It’s not a ban, you idiots! It’s a request! They are not going to post “no weapons” signs, and they are not banning guns!

The topic being that you have reported that Target banned guns when in fact they didn’t.

These guys really should go into a Walmart and try the same thing. Let’s see Walmart ban them. I bet they don’t.

What the hell are you talking about.!!

That’s rich. It was you who equated open carry with a woman’s right to choose. You should get a mirror and ask yourself that question, you addle-pated domestic terrorist.

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This is utter nonsense. There is NO LEGITIMATE REASON to open carry in any Target Store anywhere at anytime. Anyone doing so should be arrested and slapped into handcuffs for disturbing the peace–or better yet–indecent exposure. If enough people insisted on that, these malevolent dolts might keep their substitute penises in their pants and away from children, the elderly, and decent people everywhere. Enough! You whip your penis–substitute or real–in a public shopping area, you go to jail, like the lowlife you are.

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Sorry, its my god given right

Seriously? You’re really that deranged??

Then the Lord did appeareth unto drail in his single wide and did handeth him a Colt Automatic Rifle saying go forth and doeth unto others before they doeth unto ye.

Great Jeebus on a Stick!!


“God-given right”?

Well, Target begs to differ, drail, since it’s Target’s legal right to determine the safety of the store for all its customers. What Target doesn’t care about is the neurotic need of a few people who are so afraid of other people that they carry firearms everywhere they go.

Only boys with small ones need to display their Gun extensions. The stupidity of these States passing idiotic open carry firearm laws is a wild wild west incident around the corner. The Goal for Extreme Republicans 1% is to keep Americans Middle/Poor caught up in manufactured fear and hate while they continue robbing country blind. Wake Up America. SMDH!

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