Discussion: Biden Reacts To Trump's Massage Video: I See You're Being 'Presidential, As Always'

GOP humor. be best!


Trump being ‘Presidential’.


I think Biden would make a great Secretary of State, especially since the State Department will need to be completely rebuilt from the ground up once Trump is gone. He shouldn’t run for President, though. Not now.


Word was that HRC, had she won, would have appointed Biden as SOS.


I like that. Really don’t want him as Pres (too old, too much a part of the patriarchy), but there’s still good stuff there, & SOS would make good use of it.


Biden’s reaction was more than a little Jeb-level.


Joe should have responded with an undoctored photo:



Next up for Trump: " go ahead…pull on my finger…" braaaaaaaaaap…hahaha.

Biden should have tweeted something about Obama, that would have set Trump off for the rest of the day


Nice clap back from Joe. We can safely ignore Trump and just hit him from time to time on stuff like this in this dismissive way.


Biden is a non-starter for me, the guy is a corporatist stooge, and Dog knows we have more than enough of those in our party intent on making us peons suffer. This response alone shows me how Trump will trounce him if Biden gets the nomination. He might as well have shed a tear and said, “Well shucks, that really hurts my feelings, but the thing that hurts the most is that his tone and behavior are not very bipartisan now are they, tsk tsk”. Dog forbid the Dem establishment rams him through like they did Clinton, we will lose again. Not interested in helping Biden, but how about Joe just tell the media: “instead of hounding me because I am stuck in a different time and still don’t fully comprehend why my actions were wrong, why don’t you ask Trump, a serial rapist, who is on video describing in great detail his method of assault, who targeted underage girls and married women alike, about his crimes? From what I have read he has been accused by well over 20 women. This is the guy you all helped make President. Now get the fuck out of my face and do your job. We have a Russian asset in the White House who can’t finish a sentence without going into a slur. And I don’t mean a racist slur, although he says those everyday as well. I’m talking about a dementia related speech slur, the guy is clearly declining fast. If the GOP is afraid to impeach him because they took Russia’s dirty money funneled through the NRA in the last election, so be it, but at least run someone else in 2020. This nut case is going to get us all killed, if by some horrible miracle or just good ol cheating, he manages to win again.” I know Biden probably feels like the real crime is the loss of congeniality in politics, and will likely be lamenting with the likes of Chuck Todd at some point about this very topic on the TV. We need someone with a little more fire than Joe, oh and his politics suck. Yes, if he is the nominee I will begrudgingly vote for him, but only if he agrees to call people “people” and not “folks” anymore. Whatever whip-crack wunderkind whiz kid Democratic consultant came up with that idea is likely a good part of the reason our party has been so good at losing elections all these years. He/she should be the one blackballed by the DCCC. This dumb idea that we have to speak like we’re talking to children, something Maddow does nightly which makes her unwatchable for me, just comes across as weak and patronizing. Not a good combo. Whoever wins the nomination on our side isn’t going to beat Trump by watching him wallow in the mud from their pedestal. They are going to have to roll up their sleeves, jump in the mud pit, and spare no energy in knocking the piss out of him. Luckily Trump is such an unmitigated disaster/piece of shit it won’t be hard to do.

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