Discussion: BIBI WATCH: Warren To Skip 'Political' Netanyahu Speech

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More please.

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She’s awesome. If I thought she could actually win the General, I’d be all for her running for President. But as it is, she’s doing a heck of a lot more by just staying in the Senate and driving the narrative and dialog on policy.

She’d be awesome as a VP candidate, though!

Wish we could clone her a few times!!!


Agreed, but she’s too important in the Senate, where she could have a big influence for a generation.

You were right the first time. She WOULD be awesome as a VP candidate, but her impact on policy would be greatly diminished.

That’s called being deft.
Senator Warren fulfills the basic requirement of being a senator and so much more.
She is a locomotive riding on new tracks. Her legacy will only get more impressive and just to show how you never really know how things are going to work out, the Grand scheme of things, Scott Dumb as a Fencepost Brown was elected so that we would eventually have Elizabeth Warren.
Thanks, Dumb as a Fencepost Brown and thank you Elizabeth Warren.