Discussion: BIBI WATCH: Netanyahu Warns Iran Threatens 'Peace Of The Entire World'

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Bibi, meet Dick. Dick, meet Bibi.

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Fuck Iran! Do it or else Elie will DIE! How can Obama let Elie die!

(Bibi mauamaus the rubes with his unique superpower: GUILT).

Netanyahu Warns Iran Threatens ‘Peace Of The Entire World

…but pay absolutely no attention to illegal Israeli settlements and BiBi the Bloody Butcher’s ethnic and religious cleansing in Gaza…that’s a warm, fuzzy love-fest, right? THIS MAKES ME WANT TO PUKE.


no your isrealie duchebag you war mongering asshat…you and yours are the ones who threaten the peace of the entire world…


Iran hasn’t attacked another country for 200 years.

And yet this pinhead calls them a threat?

I’m no big fan of the Iranian government (though I love the Iranian ex-pats I was fortunate enough to know)…

…but it seems to me that it’s Israel that’s threatening the peace of the entire world.



“We must all stand together to stop Iran’s march of conquest, subjugation and terror.”

I’m sorry, did I miss something? Exactly what country/ies is Iran suppose to have conquered and subjugated?

I don’t give a damn about this big mouth. He’s there in the ME to make things worst.