Discussion: Barr Tells Nadler He'll Testify Before House Judiciary Committee

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Barr may be the best of the Trump crew.

Yes, I realize that that’s a very low bar®.


Won’t mean anything he will keep the lie alive




“He’ll testify”, without being responsive.


Agree. It’s window dressing. Barr is the Republican equivalent of The Wolf. A clean up man with a better resumé.


Nothingburger. You think he will say anything of import?


Honestly the dems are wasting time on him it’s not like he is all of sudden tell them everything. They need to get mueller to talk


Barr’s job as POTUS Fluffer is to show up and give the appearance of “we’ve done our jobs properly, and you naysayers are unpatriotic”. He’ll obfuscate and manipulate through the entire hearing.

OT, but the Schiff attack today made me feel violent, and his response gave me hope. Such a cogent attack back, a crime listicle.
Nunes will one day end up calling people out in the parking lot at a Dollar Store in Fresno…


Intelligent questioning though could expose him more clearly for what he is. The problem with that is the intelligent questioning part and that it’s Congress doing the questioning.


Now I want a Creamsicle


“Barr has told the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee that he would testify before his panel.”

Necessary, but not sufficient.

Barr will offer nothing but evasive implications.

Only Mueller can (literally) set the record straight, and he must appear before the House.

Barr’s second-hand misrepresentations of Mueller’s findings are woefully inadequate.


Barr is just the warm up. Mueller will be the following main act. But the committee needs the full report first, to frame the questions.


Just get the Mueller Report. And release it to the public.

Don’t let Barr testify and cover up & confuse what the report says. He had his one shot with his “exoneration” letter to Congress. We do not want to hear from him again on this, or probably any other, subject.

And remember, if he’s called to testify before a committee, the Republicans get to build him up and engage in their continued complicity.


The honorable gentleman from Pennsylvania would like to know where the fuck that report is.


I feel like this is the bare knuckle brawl portion of this treasonous event, and using couched language is going to be a losing battle, yet again

I hate to say it, but to be effective IMO you gotta talk like a bumper sticker, no “arrogant” or “condescending” type words, and it has to be a little fiery at worst, attention getting, something that gets repeated over and over and is easy to say

in this instance I might use language like, “Yet another republican scandal cover up! Release the whole report to all Americans.” Piss them off so that they message for you while they respond.

I am not a marketing person, there are probably way better ways to deal with this


I am not a marketing person, there are probably way better ways to deal with this

Maybe referring to him throughout the hearings as “Barr the PR Star?”

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Please, or Please D’s. Can you just assign all of the time to the few folks on the panel who can ask decent/focused questions? Don’t let fools who want to hear themselves talk have any time. Or better yet, bring in a real lawyer to grill Barr, or write the questions for the congress-critters who are not (a) lawyers or (b) so smart… Outside of a few notable folks on the committee, most of what they ask is just wasted opportunities.


Barr’s four-page summary of the Russia probe said special counsel Robert Mueller found no evidence that President Donald Trump’s campaign “conspired or coordinated” with the Russian government to influence the 2016 election.

No it didn’t. Barr’s summary said Mueller didn’t have enough evidence to prove Trump committed a crime. But we already saw evidence they worked together, including what they said in public. And this article didn’t even mention obstruction.
This is how propaganda works. I expect better when I read TPM.


Democrats call Republicans “arrogant”. Republicans call Democrats “evil”.

Point Republicans.

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