Discussion: Bankers Flood Across The Rio Grande In Bizarre New Ted Cruz Ad (VIDEO)

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For whom is this message intended?


I suppose it’s a matter of perspective. . . but don’t you find this as ridiculous as Carly’s demon sheep?


I thought this video told a much better story… what would happen if white collar employees had to look for work as day laborers:

I can only imagine he thinks if rich white people had immigrants taking away their jobs… you know, like the unemployed white agricultural workers, back room restaurant staff, or other ‘unskilled’ labor, then his anti-immigration platform would be universally hailed by all.

Ironically, in the locations where H1B visas are in highest demand, they’re also typically the most liberal, so perhaps he’s onto something. More white collar immigration competition would mean rational compassionate immigration policies.


They look like hedge fund and public equity guys…wading across The Pond from K Street on their way to lobby for the SuperPacs in Congress. Right strategy, Cruz. Imagine way off target. These guys work for you.

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“In the ad, the senator narrates the bizarre, business-casual invasion, saying the immigration debate would be different if those who entered the country illegally were taking office jobs away from journalists or lawyers.”

Sure…he’s trying to make a populist plea with “hey all you low income and blue collar Murika, this is your issue because they’re terking yer jerrrrbz, but you’re being neglected because you’re poor, while Washington would pay attention if it was the rich who were being supplanted.” I get it…but all it does is highlight that it’s the wealthy white-collar business owners and Wall Street fat cats who control this country plutocracy who refuse to allow anything to be done, because they’re perfectly happy to hire cheap illegal labor off the books. The solution to that is not “hate them Messicans more and build a WALL!!!” The answer to that problem is “put some white collar motherfuckers in jail until they learn their lesson.”


Gotta love that soundtrack! Now tell me, who among you did NOT feel the need to punch Ted’s face at the end?


Almost, but if I had to look for demons somewhere, I’d probably start on Wall Street before Old MacDonald’s Farm.

It’s directed at everyone who isn’t rich…the 99%

It’s become clear that the 47% (mostly poor rural whites) can’t stand Republicans and their corporate and multinational supporters any longer. Cruz is feeding into that anger and trying to cast himself as their champion…when he is one of the biggest takers of corporate and Wall Street SuperPac money.

All GOP candidates now want to cast themselves as outsiders because nobody can stand the Republican-controlled Congress.

Rubio has gone so far as to use this as his reason for not being present in the Senate to cast votes for his constituents.

“I have missed votes this year,” he acknowledged. “You know why? Because while as a senator I can help shape the agenda. Only a president can set the agenda. We’re not going to fix America with senators and congressmen.”

Drive them all into the sea and see if Cruz or Rubio can divide the waters. They already think they can walk on it like Trump?

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Forget the bankers, Ted…‘the immigration debate’ would be different if you TOLD THE TRUTH about what is actually happening on our Southern borders…but no…then you’d have no scare mongering meme…

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Completely bizarre, and utterly out of touch. Like the teenagers that cannot decide why they are occupying a remote federal office, no one seems to know what this commercial is about,

“We’re mad as heck, but we cannot remember why!”.


Yeah, Marco – that porn on your hard drive was research-------totally.

About as ridiculous, but nowhere near as “out there” as demon sheep. If Cruz’s bankers had been robots in suits with balloon heads painted with faces, the ad would be in demon sheep territory.

Rich white people don’t lose their jobs ever, they just find other opportunities.
(Some) middle class white people regularly lose their jobs to legal immigration.
Nothing personal; just business.

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Oh, those poor overweight out of work white actors who had to debase themselves to appear in the ad…

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I know, right? Excuse me while I run out for a new monitor.

Quite frankly, this should be used as Exhibit A during oral arguments about “just how outrageously the GOP/Teatrolls fail to understand the illegal immigration issue.” Producing some farcical campaign ad that compares reality to an unreality that does not exist and cannot and would not exist because of the fundamental nature of the issue itself is unabashed fucking nonsense and nothing but another weapon of mass distraction.

What Clinton or one of her PACs should do is a rebuttal ad, mocking this nonsense with a stream of horn-honking clowns fording the Rio in their giant clown shoes, because that’s an equally valid comparison to the one that Cruz is making here.

To be fair, I felt the need to punch Ted Cruz in the face before the thing even started haha

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Most jarring is a GOP ad featuring bankers walking IN the water, not ON the water.

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I tell my kids that if you have a ‘job’ or rely on ‘income’ you’re automatically in the 99%. ‘Rich’ is just money chasing itself in circles.

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