Discussion: AZ Republican Candidate Compared Police Officers To Nazi SS Agents

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If this nonsense keeps up – nobody’ll remember what Nazis were like…come to think of it, that might be the point.


The only people that run for office as Republican candidates these days are either idiots or bat sh*t crazy.


Well, considering what’s been happening one state over in Albuquerque, he may not be far off.

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Where is the GOP getting all these morons?


Let’s see. A Republican candidate with a fascist reference. Mr. Pot, please meet Mr. Black.


Verdammt nochmal!

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the kiddie pool.

What’s unimaginable is that this guy has actually out-fundraised the speaker of the state house in that primary.

Yeah! I wish we could back to the days before Obama, when there were no Mexican ‘illegals,’ and the border between Mexico and the USA was 2000 mile wide ocean filled with sharks, piranha, and mines …wait, what??




Not unimaginable to me. I have relatives in AZ, and this wing nut is right on the curve.

Yeah, they are all bat shit crazy.

Sooo, - I guess this guy won’t be getting an endorsement from the Republican PBA in AZ?

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republicans have no respect for our laws unless it benefits them only. They bitch and moan about how immigrants are breaking the laws buy coming to our country yet they support breaking americans who break our laws and bash the very people who enforce our laws in the first place.

I can never keep track of these Tea Party morons. They’re for the police when they are arresting looters (black) and illegals (Latinos) but they are against them when the police are checking good, Christian white folk on the off chance they might be looting.
What would this asshole do with Sheriff Joe Arpaio?

Rather then voter ID laws there should be voter IQ and sanity laws.

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Here’s a guy who got a speeding ticket some time back and has really never gotten over it.

If conservatives didn’t have Hitler/Nazi/SS, they’d have exactly NOTHING to use for comparisons. These people are f’ing nuts, delusional, paranoid and useless…

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The GOP is chock-a-block full of tin foil hat cowboys who try to out do each other in their insane comments. It’s depressing that because this crazy person is from Arizona that now everyone who lives here will be painted with the same brush. It’s annoying. Yes we have nut cases running for office. But the probability of this idiot getting elected is low.

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Thank God for these Aridzona morons. Without them, people might begin to think that all of the world’s morons are in Texas.